Chevron Quilt

Purple & Lime Green Chevron Quilt

Purple & Lime Green Chevron Quilt

Continuing on my chevron quilting theme , here’s a photo of a quilt I recently completed for a friend’s housewarming. I used a deep purple for one section of the chevron, and a feature lime green and purple fabric for another chevron section. White was used for the stitch in the ditch quilting, and lime green was used for the feature quilting, to try and pop against the purple fabric. I stitched on either side of the purple chevron section to accentuate it more, and I think it really worked. I use the traditional half triangle method for my chevron quilts, and haven’t tried any other way. Next time I might give the square method a shot, and see how I go!

This is the biggest quilt I’ve completed so far, just shy off a single bed spread, and it was soo hard to tackle it in my baby Brother machine.

I think chevron quilts are so so effective, and I take a lot of inspiration from this, and this (how ammmmmazing is that quilting?!)


& A Cross Stitch Initial.


'G' Cross Stitch Initial

‘G’ Cross Stitch Initial

Don’t you think embelished cross stitch initials are a great, simple present for babies / toddlers?

I completed a cross stitch initial for one of my little sisters, Gesena over the weekend.

An ombre pink DMC thread was for the letter, and an ombre purple DMC thread for the embelishments.

I love the contrast between the two colours, and think it makes the initial and embelishments stand out in their own way.

I’m in the process of stitching another initial for my other little sister, so I’ll keep you posted!

Let me know what you think – I’d love your feedback!

DIY Spoon Mirror – Update!

Here’s another photo of my spoon mirror that I completed for our house last year.


It gives you a better idea of the size of my middle spoon mirror, and the 2 smaller sized mirrors.

It was really hard to get a photo of this, as our hallway is long and I couldn’t get a nice photo, so apologies for the shadows .. But I think it gives you an idea of how they sit, and what a great low cost feature they are!

Wedding Bunting Cross Stitch.

I finished a friend’s wedding bunting cross stitch today. The last thing to do is frame it, which I plan on doing this weekend. I am super excited to reveal this one. It’s the first custom pattern I’ve every done, and I’m really pleased with the end result! :]


This piece is based on the couple first dance song, Sweethearts Together by the Rolling Stones. I had a friend do some investigative work to discreetly find out their song, and I took some words from the chorus that I thought would make a sweet momento. It reads, “Sweethearts together, We’ve only just begun, Sweethearts forever, Two hearts together as one.”

The couple has a lot of bunting for their wedding, so I designed the bunting to reflect that .. but really, who doesn’t love bunting?!?!


The top 7 bunting are for the couple’s initials, and the 4 bottom bunting is for the year of their wedding. It’s not until November, but I was too excited about this pattern to wait!

{I hope they love it, because I know I do!}

My Sewing Space.

So just under 2 years ago, A. and I built our first house and we’ve been in the process of making it our home ever since.

This has been a long process, and has included the front and back gardens, and a whole bundle of other things.

photo 1

One of the items on the list was to create a craft space, so that all my bits and bobs could neatly stored away. Currently most of my craft projects are completed on our dining table, which is not so great when we have friends over for dinner parties!

I hunted for some inspiration regarding spaces, and saw this one —->

I LOVE IT! And unfortunately, I can’t find the original blog owner, which really sucks because I’d like everyone to see the original creator. (On that note, if the original creator ever happens to stumble across this post, PLEASE contact me so I can add a link)!


A.  had visions of buildings custom shelving, drilling into walls and what not, but I sent him this and last night I came home to find this —->

Don’t judge too quickly yet, none of my craft things aside from my trust Brother sewing machine are in there, but I think it’ll be a really versatile space. We’re planning on sourcing a peg board this weekend, and moving all my things into there, and I can’t wait! I feel like it’s going to be a brain wave space, well fingers crossed anyway.

I’ve also taken some inspiration from the below, which I may end up doing on my peg board.

Anywho, I was too excited about this not to share.

Happy long weekend everyone, and pay respects for ANZAC day tomorrow! :)

photo 2