DIY Pendant String Light

One of my first home projects was the string light that has done ample rounds on Pinterest; here’s a few linkies for those of you who might not know what I mean.

And here’s a pic of ours;

Chevron Canvas

This being my first project was actually quite underwhelming. I tried it with a yoga ball first and it was waaaaay to big, and collapsed in on itself. But of course, it only collapsed once I had my hopes up that things were going quite well.

So I attacked it with a vengance the second time around. Steps are as below;


Bought $2 beach ball from the shops, inflated and covered in Vaseline. I found the beach ball was a great middle ground between a balloon and a yoga ball.


Strung up beach ball with string to a broom in between to chairs, and placed plastic garbage bag underneath to catch any annoying drips.


Grabbed the ombre wool, dripped it through craft glue and wrapped all it all around the beachball. This was definitely the most time consuming part, and by far the fiddliest. I kept getting my hands stuck on the glue because it was drying, so I’d recommend keeping a bowl of water next to you to wash your hands in. Also keep a slight gap on top of the ball, as this is where the globe etc will be strung through. You could wrap it all up and leave no gaps, but I preferred a gap so I didn’t have to cut a hole in later.

I’ve seen quite a few of these completed previously, and a lot had quite tight string with few gaps. For ours, I left a few more gaps so that more light would shine through, and I think that work out better for our space (though I’m probably a tad biased, haha!)


Let the wool dry for 24 hours (at least!) and test its strength once you think it’s dry. Cut the beach ball out, and take out through various gaps in the light. You can buy DIY pendant light kits at Bunnings / Masters (or Walmart perhaps, for you guys based in the US) and this is what I used for ours. It basically screws into the existing light fitting, so you don’t have to fiddle with an electrician or anything.


String up the light, and enjoy the sense of achievement from your creation!



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