DIY Toilet Roll Art.

DIY Toilet Roll Feature

DIY Toilet Roll Feature

I thought I’d post some of the home projects that I’ve completed recently.

One of my most recent is this toilet roll art DIY addition. I used a lot of ideas that I found on Pinterest and Google, and it was a straight forward project that has a great effect.

If you’d like to give this a shot, google toilet roll art for some inspo.

For this I folded toilet rolls in a loose half, and then cut them about 1 cm apart. I then put them into a pattern I liked, and then hot glued them together. Some of the blogs I read said to peg them together, but I found the glue set so quickly this wasn’t necessary for me. I sprayed painted (or should I say Mr A spray painted for me) it all black, with 2 coats.

The hardest part was attaching it to the wall. Our brick house makes putting screws, nails, or anything craft related quite difficult, so Mr A thought of an ingenious way to stick this to the wall.

We used super glue. Yep, that’s right, super glue. All we did was have one person hold it against the wall, whilst the other added super glue to different spots. I honestly envisioned glue running down the wall, and all sorts, but it worked perfectly and has been up for about a month now with no issues.

I’m so thankful A. thought of that idea, as you would’ve been able to see screws and nails due to the placement of this art.

If you’re interested, or you end up making one I’d love to see it! One day I’d like to make mine a bit bigger, as it’s on a rather large wall, but for now it is the feature I want, with a small price tag .. even better!

Enjoy x


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