& Excel Cross Stitch Patterns.

So I’ve been designing a couple of cross stitch patterns recently, and wanted to use a simple and accessible program to save the progess, so I’ve started to use Microsoft Excel for this.

I format the whole spreadsheet to have “10” row height, and “1” column width to replicate a 14 count aida backing. I’ve no clue if this is correct, but it seems pretty close so that works for me! :)

Then I just put x’s in to create my pattern.

I really like this way, because I find it easy to make changes, and get an idea of how it would look from a distance away by zooming in and out. It’s a quick and easy way to make multiple changes to a pattern too, without using graph paper or writing x’s on a sheet of paper.

I get to use different colours as well which is great for an overall pattern too.

It’s by no means revolutionary, but I wanted to share just in case someone has a light bulb moment as is like, “Ahhhh why didn’t I think of that?!” like I have personally before.

Happy Easter to everyone too!

Hope you enjoy egg hunting, chocolate, ot cross buns, or whichever way you choose to celerate (if at all)!


7 thoughts on “& Excel Cross Stitch Patterns.

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    • No way! It’s the only thing I use, partially because I don’t have the time to read different reviews of pattern software right now, and partially because I keep a tight budget hehe! :)


  2. Thanks so much for the tip! I thought of using Excel but wasn’t quite sure the best way to format so this was a HUGE help. Thanks again!!


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