& Another One on the Bandwagon!

I hope everyone is enjoying their lovely long weekend! IMG_3544

Hubby has just advised that he’s been working on his very own Excel cross stitch pattern! :)

If you knew him, you’d know he’s a lovable jokester who is always up for a laugh, a joke, or generally having a dig at someone, so it’s absolutely no surprise to me that he’s chosen a crude one to do for his first.

I think it’s hilariously funny though, and am super glad he’s jumped on the bandwagon to join me cross stitching .. I can see it already .. Rainy days inside on the couch, with a movie on, with both of us cross stitching haha!

We’ll be posting some progress pics of our cross stitches once hubby gets started.


On another note, I’ve made some great headway on my wedding bunting cross stitch and will be posting some progress pics shortly .. Stay tuned!

I’m so happy with how it has turned out so far, and I think my soon-to-be-married friends will love it.


Happy Easter .. And remember, cross stitch and chocolate rabbits don’t mix ;)


Leave your warm & fuzzies here!

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