My Sewing Space.

So just under 2 years ago, A. and I built our first house and we’ve been in the process of making it our home ever since.

This has been a long process, and has included the front and back gardens, and a whole bundle of other things.

photo 1

One of the items on the list was to create a craft space, so that all my bits and bobs could neatly stored away. Currently most of my craft projects are completed on our dining table, which is not so great when we have friends over for dinner parties!

I hunted for some inspiration regarding spaces, and saw this one —->

I LOVE IT! And unfortunately, I can’t find the original blog owner, which really sucks because I’d like everyone to see the original creator. (On that note, if the original creator ever happens to stumble across this post, PLEASE contact me so I can add a link)!


A.  had visions of buildings custom shelving, drilling into walls and what not, but I sent him this and last night I came home to find this —->

Don’t judge too quickly yet, none of my craft things aside from my trust Brother sewing machine are in there, but I think it’ll be a really versatile space. We’re planning on sourcing a peg board this weekend, and moving all my things into there, and I can’t wait! I feel like it’s going to be a brain wave space, well fingers crossed anyway.

I’ve also taken some inspiration from the below, which I may end up doing on my peg board.

Anywho, I was too excited about this not to share.

Happy long weekend everyone, and pay respects for ANZAC day tomorrow! :)

photo 2



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