Wedding Bunting Cross Stitch.

I finished a friend’s wedding bunting cross stitch today. The last thing to do is frame it, which I plan on doing this weekend. I am super excited to reveal this one. It’s the first custom pattern I’ve every done, and I’m really pleased with the end result! :]


This piece is based on the couple first dance song, Sweethearts Together by the Rolling Stones. I had a friend do some investigative work to discreetly find out their song, and I took some words from the chorus that I thought would make a sweet momento. It reads, “Sweethearts together, We’ve only just begun, Sweethearts forever, Two hearts together as one.”

The couple has a lot of bunting for their wedding, so I designed the bunting to reflect that .. but really, who doesn’t love bunting?!?!


The top 7 bunting are for the couple’s initials, and the 4 bottom bunting is for the year of their wedding. It’s not until November, but I was too excited about this pattern to wait!

{I hope they love it, because I know I do!}


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