Cross Stitch Font

One thing I’ve noticed whilst designing my own patterns is the lack of awesome, swirly, cursive, or retro cross stitch font patterns.

Now, perhaps I’m looking in the wrong spot .. and if I am, please let me know! I’d love to be open to a whole new world of cross stitch font patterns, however, in the mean time I’m going to share a few that I LOVE.

This Etsy seller has some fabulous fonts, especially if you like modern cursive, rather than old school excessively curly fonts .. you know what I’m talking about, they literally make me think of nanna’s stitching, which is great, but not what I’m going for, at all!

I absolutely love this one too, it’s so awesome and really easy to stitch.

I’m working on a home sweet home cross stitch at the moment for a lovely friend who is just about to start building her first home. I’ve seen heaps of home sweet home ones around, but none that really grab me, thought I abolustely love this print.

Home Sweet Home Print

Home Sweet Home Print

If I can get my upcoming pattern to look anything like that, I’ll be jazzed :] Thought I feel like I might be aiming a little too high for the moment, considering I only started making my own like 4 weeks ago.

This weekend my plan is to finish and frame my other little sister’s initial, which you might recall from my previous post showing one completed one already.


And I can’t forget, a big HI! to my blog followers .. It’s so lovely to have you guys keep up to date with the going on’s in my craft world.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!



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