& Oriental Odyssey – Work in Progress

A few years ago I started on a mammoth cross stitch project. Inspired by this book, A Cross Stitcher’s Oriental Odyssey by Joan Elliot, I started stitching the cover picture, which is Oriental Lady (Wisdom).I absolutely loved the colours when I first saw the photo. I wanted to take on a challenge, but totally underestimated how long, and how much commitment would be required to finish this project.

Oriental Odyssey - Oriental Lady (Wisdom) Cross Stitch

Oriental Odyssey – Oriental Lady (Wisdom) Cross Stitch

I’ve been working on this cross stitch for over 3 years now. Yep .. You read correctly, 3 years! But I think the end result will be worth it.

The biggest hold up for me on this project has been the back stitching. The pattern requires gold DMC thread, which I find a nightmare to work with. A friend told me to try running it through water first. I admit, I haven’t tried this, as I’m a little suspicious, but I’m 98% done with this project and can’t wait to frame it and display it, that I might just give it a go.

Oriental Odyssey - Oriental Lady (Wisdom) Cross Stitch

Oriental Odyssey – Oriental Lady (Wisdom) Cross Stitch

The amazing colours just pop on white aida, and the details in the pattern are absolutely breath taking. This was the first cross stitch book I ever purchased, and I love every pattern in it. There are 3 other ladies that can be cross stitched, all of which have a different season in the background.

You can see with wisdom that there are autumn leaves in the background. The red tones against the blue make my heart flutter a little, but I suspect that has more to do with the amount of time I’ve put into this project haha!

I would highly recommend this book if you like oriental cross stitch works. It has fantastic instructions on how to cross stitch on satchels and cushions, and the patterns are just lovely.

I’ll be adding a photo once I’ve finished it, as I probably won’t be able to contain my excitement!


4 thoughts on “& Oriental Odyssey – Work in Progress

  1. What a stunning design, I love how the leaves and the blue make the piece pop out. I’ve never had much luck myself sewing with gold threads they always end up in such a knotty mess.


    • A salute to the messy gold thread knot here myself Rachael. I find it so frustrating, and I think that’s why it’s been so hard for me to finish this one off.

      I’m so disheartened by it I’m almost thinking I’ll backstitch in a normal DMC colour equivalent, rather than the gold DMC thread.

      Glad you like it though, it’s very rewarding to hear someone say that about your work :)


      • It’s a shame, I mean the effect can be worth the trouble but they don’t make it easy! I did an entire design of a dragonfly in a copper metallic thread a couple of years ago, I’m not sure how I got to the end of that project that’s for sure.

        The only bit of advice I have is to use really short lengths.

        Good luck!


        • It’ll definitely be worth the trouble .. if I can bring myself to persist with it haha! That’s a great piece of advice though, thank you.

          Wow that design sounds great .. Would love to see a photo!


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