Embellished Cross Stitch Initials – An Update!

"A" & "G" Embellished Cross Stitch Initials

“A” & “G” Embellished Cross Stitch Initials

A. and I are about to head off on our 5 week honeymoon to Europe in 4 days (hip hip, hooraaaayy!!), and I realllly wanted to finish my current cross stitch project before we left, so I could come back to a world of possibilites on our return :)

I’ll cast your memory back to my original post , which shows my original G completed letter. I’m so happy to say that I’ve completed my “A” (for Annalisa), and here’s a picture of them both!




"A" Embellished Cross Stitch Initial

“A” Embellished Cross Stitch Initial

I did the opposite of the G for the A, and used purple ombre DMC thread for the letter, and pink ombre DMC thread for the embellishments. I think it ties them both together, without being too matchy mathy.

I LOVE the embellishment on the A. It’s so flowery (in a non flowery kind of way, hah!) and reminds me a little of a butterfly.

 These are apart of my Christmas present for my little sisters. My birth mum used to cross stitch when she was a kid, so I think it’s a nice salute to the past. I hope they love them!


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