Crosstitchery does Snow!

So if you’ve ever been to Australia, particularly Perth, you’d know that snow is pretty hard to come by.

In fact, in my 20something years I’ve never seen snow. Ever. Not even a tiny glimpse.

The closest I’ve come is in movies .. which is pretty sad really!

So in tribute to this, I want to share some of my new favourite photos of our honeymoon so far. We spent a couple of days in Engelberg, Switzerland which is home to amount Mt Titlis.

Standing at about 10,000 feet at the higest point for tourists, it’s pretty darn high and has amazing scenery. For someone who has never seen snow, or mountains so high, it was a truly amazing experience.

When we got to the top via 3 gondolas, it was actually snowing, with a temperature of -2 Celsius, not including wind chill factor.

A. and I made snow angels, had a snow ball fight (which ouch, really hurts if you pack them too hard .. who knew?!), walked across the suspension bridge, and generally had an absolute ball. In tribute, here’s a few photos of our first snow experience. My momento includes a kick ass beanie which makes me resemble a bear slightly .. Switzerland is absolutely amazing, and I wish we could’ve stayed longer!

Crosstitchery & Snow

Crosstitchery & Snow

Crosstitchery & Snow

Crosstitchery & Snow


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