Step off the Scales & Embrace YOU

I started crosstitchery to blog about my craft adventures, but I like to open it up to personal things happening  in my life sometimes, like posting about our honeymoon and the amazing sights we saw .. Like in Croatia, Switzerland and London.

I want to open it up to something that I’ve been battling with a little bit recently, particularly coming home after our honeymoon. I need to point out that this whole post is related to my personal circumstances only. What is normal, acceptable, and okay for others is likely to be slightly, or completely different to my own opinion .. and that’s okay.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve always been around slim and healthy people and have grown up with this being ‘normal.’ I’ve always played sport, or worked out to some description for most of my life, so I’ve remained relatively healthy and slim, I suppose.

I have always, and I mean always checked the scales though to see how I measure up against this idea of, ‘normal,’ that a lot of women have .. Like the numbers on the scale are going to tell me how happy and healthy I am.

Leading up to Mr A & I’s wedding last November, I ate really healthy and worked my butt off to be in the best shape I could be for those everlasting wedding photos .. and I was really happy doing it! I felt like I was taking care of myself, looking after myself, and pathing a healthy way forward for my body.

So leading up to our honeymoon, I was quite scared about how all the lovely, delicious food we would eat would affect my body. Coupled with a few too many gelatos (but I mean really, is there such a thing?!), and lack of any exercise (though we did walk sooo far a lot of days) I knew I’d come back a little heavier.

There’s been a lightbulb moment for me though. YES, I am a little heavier than when we left on our honeymoon. YES, my clothes are a smidge tighter than before .. BUT I am happy, healthy, and have gained so much from our honeymoon experience like amazing memories, eating amazing food that I may never experience again, and eating with food amongst new friends.

So, I just wanted to try and spread this message .. “Being healthy and fit is so much more important than being skinny.”


The scales are not reflective of my health, well being, fitness level, or happiness. The scales do not define who I am as a woman, a wife, a best friend, or a god mother .. The scales are just a number which up until recently, defined my head space for the whole day!

Not having access to weight scales, and therefore not checking my weight everyday was the most liberating 5 weeks of my life, because I wasn’t chained to thinking and worrying about my weight.

In my opinion, if you’re in a healthy weight range and you feel healthy, maybe give the scales a miss for a week and embrace everyday life. I feel like so many of us woman get caught up in this idea of, “how much do I weight today?” that we don’t enjoy the moments, and I personally don’t want to regret missing a moment because I was too busy worrying about my weight, and how that meal surrounded by friends and family, or new friends and family would affect my weight.

Like I said .. this is just my opinion, and a lifestyle that I want to live by. I am in NO way judging anyone else for any habits or thoughts .. I just wish we could ALL embrace our bodies as they are, and live life in the moment, and love life for what it is.

Let me know your thoughts on this, whether good or bad .. I don’t mind, and I’d love the feedback.


4 thoughts on “Step off the Scales & Embrace YOU

  1. Ive been a type one diabetic since I was 5, so have almost always been battling with my weight in some way. As a teenager, I went really off the rails and ate so much crap that I was very chunky for my age and I was not happy one bit. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that through having serious health complications I really started looking after myself and lost a lot of weight. I have been on an incredibly strict carb counting diet for years and have an insulin pump attached to me now which as you can probably imagine, has made my weight a lot more steady and am now (in my opinion) a healthy size 10-12. I sometimes find it easy to put on the pounds as low carb foods usually been they are high in fats but on the whole Im no longer a daily scales addict like in previous years. I think if you are happy and can accept the consequences of whatever size you are, (I believe being extremes of both large and small to have horrible effects on your health) then good for you. I find it really sad to hear when people are very large but unhappy about being it whilst eating more rubbish, same as I find it equally as upsetting to hear an underweight person speaking of their constant battle to keep themselves so small.At the end of the day, in my opinion, there is nothing more attractive than a happy person who truly knows who they are and has a smile on their face to prove it :-)


  2. I love your last sentence .. A happy person really is both inspiring, and attractive in a sense to others. I think it’s a daily battle for many women to be happy in, and with our bodies. Whether you’re large, medium, or small, there’s always expectations regarding weight, even for small woman. I often hear a friend say that she’s tired of people saying, “My god, you’re so thin!,” and then assuming that she crash diets etc. There is equal pressure on large vs small woman, but I think it’s particularly hard when these woman place huge expectations on themselves

    Thanks for reading my original post though. I’m so glad to hear you’ve been able to get control of your diabetes. In my opinion, size 10-12 is definitely healthy, and it makes me a little sad to think that sometimes particular sizes are perceived as unhealthy. Take care :)


  3. I totally agree, its too easy to think the pressure is just on a larger lady rather than slimmer ones. My friend is very skinny and eats loads of whatever she wants. People often comment on how they would ‘love to be her size’, she always disagrees and points out she is always really cold and gets ill easily.
    I just realised that I didnt put that I meant UK size 10-12, not sure what that would to convert to in the US, but I think you got the jist of what I meant by what you said anyway. Take care and leave the scales alone! hehe :-)


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