Water Soluble Canvas for Cross Stitching (or Anything!)

The Crafting Geek – Chief from Halo

I just had to share this post from The Crafting Geek who stitched an awesome Chief from Halo onto a cushion using water soluble canvas, which is awesome!

From what I understand, the water soluble canvas is put cross stitched (or any kind of stitched really?) onto your chosen piece of fabric. It’s basically the inbetween of your fabric and your stitching, though I suppose you’d cross stitch as the canvas is basically aida.

Once you’ve finished your pattern, you soak the fabric in warm water and the canvas dissolves / disappears, and voila! Your cross stitch is now on a piece of fabric for you to do what you wish.

Here’s a linky to DMC’s site explaining the details a little further. How cute is that cross stitch on the jumper?!

Mr A is a gamer, and we met whilst I was working at EB Games, so ‘geek’ cross stitching is close to my heart, and I love this cushion by Jess!

I’m definitely going to track this down and put it on my to do list. I’d love to cross stitch a pattern onto a lovely piece of fabric and sew it into a cushion, or something .. 


4 thoughts on “Water Soluble Canvas for Cross Stitching (or Anything!)

  1. As well as water soluble canvas, you can also get something called waste canvas. Like the water soluble stuff, you need to wash it afterwards, and then pull the strands out- I love seeing the designs come through as the strands get pulled out. Apparently you don’t need to wash it first, so it could also be used on stuff which is delicate. But yeah, you should definitely try it, it’s amazing stuff :)


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