God Gave Me Hair .. Fringes & What Not

So. On Friday it’s the dreaded day where I see my hairdresser to get a trim. I say dreaded because I’m at odds with what I want to do with it. Do you guys ever feel like this when you go to the hair dresser?

I’ve look at countless websites, trying to figure out my face shape .. Read countless websites like, “The Best & Worst Haircuts for Round Faces,” which would be great, if I knew what kind of face I had! Now I’m at the stage where I just need to commit one way or another.

Pre wedding, I had long hair and a few months after our wedding I cut it into a graduated mid bob which I LOVE.

Whilst on our honeymoon, my hair seems to have grown at an exponential rate, and I find myself back at the hairdresser talking fringes and what not again.

I have wavy / curly / frizzy hair, depending on the time of the month, how much shampoo or conditioner I used whilst washing, how my hair tried, what I slept on .. My hair is temperamental to say the least, and I’m sure others can attest to that!

I’m trying to decide whether I take the plunge fringe wise. I love Gennifer’s fringe. My attempt at a side fringe NEVER looks like this.

Gennifer Goodwin


I think Gennifer Goodwin and I have similar face shapes. Possibly. Maybe just a little bit. But to be honest .. I don’t even know what my face shape is like! My side fringe certainly never looks as good as hers.

I air dry my hair, because I don’t like having to use the blowdryer on it. I curl with a straightening iron most days of the week, unless my hair is co-operating which lets face it .. it rarely does.

So now my options are this.

  1. Get a longish chunkier side fringe cut in, and try my damnest to rock it like Gennifer does, or;
  2. Throw caution to the wind and try a Bardot bang, which looks like this.


Alexa Chung

Have you tried a Bardot fringe before? Any advice for picking a fringe? Or should I just stick with what I’ve got?


3 thoughts on “God Gave Me Hair .. Fringes & What Not

    • 70% says go for a bardot fringe .. and 30% says, “What?! Are you crazy?!” haha! I think I’ll see what my lovely hairdresser says and take her advice I think.

      You’re so right though – hair does grow!


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