Font & Text – Cross Stitch and Embroidery

So recently whilst I’ve been making up some patterns, I’ve found very few cross stitch fonts out there which make me jump up and down with inspiration. By cross stitch fonts, I mean typical 1 – 14 cross high, 1 – 14 cross wide fonts.

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place. Maybe I’m being too picky, but nothing out there suits the designs that I’d like. Or so I thought until I stumbled upon this bad boy in a 5 year old post.

Bible De Lettres A Point De Croix – Tome 1.

When I saw BIBLE, and cross stitch letters I got pretty darn excited. I ordered from Amazon, and it’s going to take 1 – 2 months to arrive, but I was able to see some sample fonts and I’m pretty excited for when I get this bad boy in the mail.

Once I’ve received said bible, I’ll share some positives or negatives .. So don’t run out an buy a copy just yet (if you were thinking about it).

Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely found some wonderful, inspiring fonts out there .. But I’ve realised I love wide sweeping, cursive kind of fonts, and it’s a little hard to achieve this on 14 count aida, without the words appearing too big.


I’m going to try to learn how to embroider. All of the fonts that I absolutely loved were all embroidered on.

I’ve never embroidered anything before. Don’t even know where to begin .. But I really want to incorporate some embroidery into my next cross stitch designs, because I feel like that’s going to open up a world of possibilities.

For all your embroidery gurus out there, how did you learn? What did you do to start?

I’ve looking at quite a few websites on beginner embroidering, and I just need to take the plunge I think. I’m going to finish off my current cross stitch piece, and get stuck into learning how to embroider and all the stitches that come along with it.

I’m excited for a new little craft branch. I might get around to learning about it, and find I can’t do it or it doesn’t suit me etc etc.. BUT I think knowing whether I at least like / can do it will answer many questions that are currently in my head.

I would love any tips you’d share with a beginner embroider .. So please feel free to share the love and your learning with me! :)


12 thoughts on “Font & Text – Cross Stitch and Embroidery

    • Hopefully it comes in the mail soooon! Jumped into a sampler for the first time today! Can definitely use some practice, but great fun! I’ll be posting about it soon once I’m over this awful cold.


  1. I would love to get more into embroidery as well, so I hope to gain some knowledge too via your post hehe. The font bible looks like it will be amazing, so looking forward to the review :-)


  2. I love embroidery.. not sure what type do you have in mind.. I’ve did a ribbon embroidery one for letters before.. and I find the result really amazing.. the thing is to get the supply of silk ribbon which is tough for me.. you can look it up on-line.. maybe is easier for you to get hold of silk ribbon at where you are.. happy stitching. ;)


    • Oh lovely .. Silk embroidery looks great. I tried for the first time today with embroidery thread and it seemed to go okay. Quite different to cross stitching in a few respects, but great fun nonetheless. Thank you – happy stitching to you too :)


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