WIP – Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch

Awhile back I  shared a pattern I came up with for a good friend who is currently building her own house .. Check it here.

Whilst browsing Etsy for a side table (read that as cross stitch pattern), I stumbled upon this amazing pattern.

I instantly loved it. Like a wholllle lot. I love ombre, I love typography, I love leaves .. So really, this pattern is perfect.

Now you might be thinking, “Hey Erin, you might love it .. but it’s not actually FOR you,” but thankfully, Miss A and I have very similar tastes.

I wanted to share some progress shots because I’m pretty excited about this one.

Turquoise ombre .. SWOOOOON! This is my WIP before I try and tackle embroidery like I mentioned here.



16 thoughts on “WIP – Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch

  1. Wow, very nice! I recently got my mits on a cross stitch pattern of ‘in this house’, and I think now I’ve been convinced to do it in some sort of ombre now(although I’ll probably cheat a bit and go for a rainbow at the same time :P) when I finally get around to doing it!


    • Oh a rainbow would be lovely! Miss A’s colours in her house are pink and turquoise, so I thought an ombre type would be fitting .. And I loved the pink in the original pattern.


    • Sure thing! – Starting at the top, the first Home is DMC #964, Sweet is DMC #959, and the last Home is DMC #3848 .. They look great in person – I’d definitely recommend those colours for an ombre effect :)


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