Beginner Embroidery Pattern & Basic Stitches

Now that I’ve finished my Home Sweet Home cross stitch (I haven’t put a finished photo up just yet), I’m going to begin my embroidery journey.

This is pretty exciting, and I’ve been looking at various tutorials and such showing how to do all sorts of stitches. I never knew there were so many! This aspect is both daunting and exciting. I mean, with cross stitch once you master the ‘X’, you’ve mastered all the stitches you’ll need, and then you can brush up on the other small elements .. But with embroidery, this is not the case at all!

Anywho, I’m trying not to feel overwhelmed by all the amazing stitches I’ve seen. I’m just going to stitch with the basics, and the ones I’m hoping to tackle are;

  • Back Stitch,
  • Chain Stitch,
  • Stem Stitch,
  • Split Stitch,
  • Lazy Daisy, and
  • French Knot.

I found a lovely free patterns thanks to Amy at Nana Company. It’s a Mother Teresa phrase, and if you’d like to try your own Amy’s free pattern can be found here.

Nana Company – Do Small Things with Great Love Free Pattern

First of all, I love this phrase. It’s so true .. And I’m super inspired by Amy’s because it looks SO great!

And second of all, this is simple enough (touch wood!), and will allow me to practice embroidering words .. So fingers crossed all goes well.

Here goes! 

Are there any other basic stitches that you think I should learn?


19 thoughts on “Beginner Embroidery Pattern & Basic Stitches

  1. That is one of my favourite quotes, I actually cross stitched it along with a fairy for a secret easter bunny project this year. It looks like such a gorgeous pattern, are they difficult to follow? :-)


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