Wedding DIY #2 – Bunting!

Bunting is everywhere, which is fantastic .. Because it’s so easy to make!

I made some hessian bunting, and fabric bunting for our wedding. Originally we were going to have a bride and groom chair, and we were going to have ‘Mr,’ and ‘Mrs,’ on the back of the chair, but we actually ended up having a bride and groom couch (which was awesome!), so we used this bunting elsewhere.

If you’re a sewer, cut out whatever size triangles you’d like, and sewing them onto a thin piece of fabric. In my eyes, that’s really all there is to it. I’m not sure it would be much help to give step by step instructions, because there are so many sizes / types of bunting out there .. It’s really up to what you fancy!

For the Mr and Mrs bunting, I stenciled my letters on with a straight edge font. I’d seen some curvy fonts, but I found them quite hard to read, so I stuck with something simple. I then painted in my stencil lines .. and voila!

One learning to share is to create a template if you want uniform triangles. I just used a piece of cardboard to do this, and then all my triangles were the same size.

Another learning is to use the pinking shears you might have bought if you made a hessian aisle runner, as you get a really funky edge to your bunting that way.

I love personal touches to events, and I think bunting is a great way to achieve this. You can print or paint letters on, or symbols, and really personalise it for the occasion.

Mr & Mrs Hessian Bunting


4 thoughts on “Wedding DIY #2 – Bunting!

    • Yay – I’m glad if just one person found this beneficial! I know what you mean though .. I definitely have facepalm moments when someone mentions something quite simple, which had just never occurred to me!

      Good luck with your bunting making – is it for a special event?


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