Beginner Embroidery – Update #1

Just a quick update regarding my embroidery progress so far.

Tracing the Pattern

I chose a paisley print to trace my pattern onto, as I want a featured white pattern fabric for my first attempt. It’s some leftover I used for a quilt I made a few months ago, and I had it in my mind when I was planning this for my first embroidery attempt.

Silly me decided it would be a fabulous idea to start my project at night. Given that I hadn’t traced my pattern onto my fabric yet, this posed a slight problem as I don’t have a light box. Ordinarily, I would’ve taped my pattern and the fabric onto a window, and gone nuts with my water soluble pen to get started, but given that there’s no light at night time (duh!) I had to think of a different way.

Yep .. I could’ve just waited, but I’ve been eargerly anticipating starting this project and I didn’t want to stop at the first speedhump. SO I thought to myself .. What could I use?

crosstitchery's "light box"

crosstitchery’s “light box”

I ended up taping my pattern and my fabric to our clear shower screen door, and shone a light through the back of it. The light was just the one from my iPhone, so nothing too specky.

This was a bit tricky having to hold my arm on the other side of the door whilst tracing .. Particularly given our shower door swings! So on that note, here’s a great tutorial on how to make your own light box. I’ve looked up a few on eBay and what not, and they’re quite expensive! There’s a lot of tutorials out there, but I want something simple, without construction, and that is mobile .. So Jackie’s idea is perfect.

Here’s the final tracing of the pattern.

Start of Embroidering 

Progress Shot 1

Progress Shot 1

I’ve started on the words first, using an orange DMC thread. I really want the colours to pop off my white paisley fabric, so I’m going for bold and bright.

This is quite a small pattern, so I’ve used short back stitches to effectively trace the words .. Definitely a lot of polishing to do, but so far so good!

You can slightly see the paisley white fabric I’ve used here .. and on a side note, I’m LOVING being able to choose whatever fabric I like for these works! I mean, coloured aida is exciting, but any kind of fabric is awesome!


8 thoughts on “Beginner Embroidery – Update #1

  1. The orange really stands out and I am amazed by your efforts in creating a makeshift light box. Do you have an iron on transfer pen? Ive heard about the before but never used them. I totally agree with you about having fabric choices, sometimes aida gets a little boring :-)


  2. My makeshift light box is a large photo frame with the back removed. I prop it on my knees and put a desk lamp on the floor beneath it.


  3. I did this same pattern a few months back. I never finished it, but you’re inspiring me to go back and do it! I love the fabric that you chose and the orange looks great!


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