Finito! – Home Sweet Home Ombre Cross Stitch

This baby is done and dusted! Have a look here if you’d like to see some progress shots of this piece.

I love love love this one, so I hope Miss A does too!

Haven’t yet decided how I’m going to frame this bad boy yet .. I’m thinking of painting, or sticking turquoise scrapbook paper to a white frame to spruce it up a lil. What do you think?


Ombre Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch


13 thoughts on “Finito! – Home Sweet Home Ombre Cross Stitch

  1. I think that it would look awesome in a hoop! There are lots of tutorials around for it, if you want to give it a try. And if you wanted to do something with turquoise, you could wrap turquoise ribbon around the utside hoop to prevent wear and tear on the fabric :)

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    • Oh yes! I framed my, “You are loved” piece in a frame, but it was just plain .. Is that you mean by framing in a hoop?

      That turquoise ribbon idea is awesome! Part of me is always a little hesitant to frame in hoops because I’m a bit worried about exposure it might receive, so I usually lean towards putting my cross stitch pieces in a picture frame, but turquoise ribbon would be great!


  2. It’s pretty and I like gladeridercrafts idea. If you frame in a ribbon-covered hoop you could always dismantle it to clean should it get a bit dusty (after years of hanging). This would be easier than with a glass-free frame. Alternatively, you could make this into a bigger picture by using a pale turquoise passe-partout and then a darker teal frame…


  3. This is so neat! The ombre effect is really nice too.
    A hoop would look pretty sweet, but I’d be interested to see what you go for. I usually use standard picture frames, and I’m now wondering if I should be a bit more adventurous!


  4. Thanks for all your comments guys! Gladerider, your idea certainly is the most popular by far .. Probably because it’s such a great idea! I’m definitely going to look into the turquoise ribbon wrapping – I’ll let you all know how I go! :)


  5. Hello there!! Thank you for such a sweet comment. I just love your blog! I cross stitched with my Mom growing up and I’m thinking of getting back into it. Beautiful ombre colors! That blue is my favorite. Have a great day =)


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