Baby Boy Square Pattern Quilt – Intro

So this is pretty exciting for me, but I received my first customer “order” last week!!

The “order” came from a friend who we met whilst on our honeymoon who currently lives in London so I’m not sure it counts, but I’m pretending it does, because it feels pretty awesome .. Having someone specifically ask me to handcraft something for them whilst they’re in London, and we’re in Perth, Australia is quite amazing! The order is for a baby boy quilt. The requester was happy for me to shoot some ideas through to her, and she loved them, so I’m hot to trot!

Baby Boy Quilt

I’ve decided to go with a simple square quilt, and make it cot size (45 inches wide by 55 inches long). I’ll be hand embroidering 4 squares with baby Nate’s details, 2 sayings, and a, “love from Aunty Kaz,” to reflect her thoughts and wishes.

Here’s a little peak at the fabric I’ve chosen. Because it’s a square pattern quilt, I wanted quite a few different fabrics. I saw the elephant fabric first and knew that would be the inspiration for the others. I planned to rotate the chevron orange and blue fabric, and to also rotate the lined fabric to get a variation in the square quilt also.

I’m loving this process. Making something for someone who has specifically requested your skills / help feels AMAZING! I also haven’t made a quilt in awhile, so it feels great to get behind my sewing machine again.

I’ll be posting some photos of my progress for those of you who would like to follow along :)


16 thoughts on “Baby Boy Square Pattern Quilt – Intro

    • Thank you! .. Me too, particularly the orange chevron fabric, and the elephant fabric, and the blue chevron fabric haha .. You know, I think they’re all my favourites! :)


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