Baby Boy Square Quilt – Quilt Top

Hand Embroidery Quilt SquaresThanks for all your lovely messages everyone :) .. I’m totally on going to chalk this one up to being my first order!

I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to embroider some squares for baby Nate, so I’ve decided to share some photos of that.

I added in some cute sayings just so there were a couple more squares in the quilt. Aunty Kaz is the requester of this quilt so I added in a personal sign off from her.

Baby Boy Finished Quilt Top

Baby Boy Finished Quilt Top

The quilt top is now complete, and I’m a little ashamed to admit I still do a happy dance when my points meet! I feel like it’s pretty touch and go there sometimes ..  Do you guys have any tips for ensuring your points are precision perfect each time? 

Onto the back now, and I must admit, I never enjoy the back as much as the front .. I’ll be using the grey teardrop fabric for the majority of the back. I’m wondering if I’m the only one who loves making quilt top, but dreads making the quilt back/.


14 thoughts on “Baby Boy Square Quilt – Quilt Top

  1. That’s a lovely idea, to put in some messages into the quilt! If I ever make a EPP quilt (probably not, I like instant grat. projects!) I’ll probably embroidery some of the patches :)


    • Haha I totally agree – I’m all for instant gratification projects, but surprisingly, this project has been very satisfying so far .. even though it does take a little longer than my cross stitch pieces. Thank you – hopefully baby Nate’s mum will love it too! :)


  2. It’s adorable…
    I too hate doing the whole “assembling and quilting” part. I just want to make quilt tops! Oh well, I guess it’s part of the process. Like exercising. Hate it, but it has to be done. Even if you put it off . I am even lazier with the embroidery part. I bought a machine that does it for me. I still personalize all the baby quilts, but use the machine. Then I can spend more time on my treadmill. (not)!


    • Thank you! Phew .. I thought it was just me and that I was shaming the quilting ways by not liking the backs haha .. Thank goodness you feel the same way too!

      And LOVE your comparison to exercising hehe!!


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