DMC Thread Organisation

I love organisation, and I loved to be organised. Don’t misunderstand this as, “Erin is totally and completely OCD,” because it’s not like that at all .. I just find an organised life for me equals an organised mind. So organising the little things for me help in the long run .. Like organising my DMC thread.

On the weekend I scored a total bargain. It’s pretty darn exciting, because it happened so quickly. I was just browsing a thrift website (Gumtree, for those of you in Australia), and saw a lady (Chantelle) was selling 400 colours of DMC thread, bulk lot of white, cream, off white, black and blue aida, and a few embroidery hoops along with a file of patterns .. All for $175!!! 

Now, if you’re like me, you get pretty darn excited because you know how much of a good deal this is. Thankfully Mr A is equally as excited by a bargain and insisted we collect this red hot deal on the night (thank goodness Mr A is so supportive!) .. So I picked up Chantelle’s deal and was so impressed by her organisation I had to share it with you all.

DMC Thread Organisation

Chantelle had her thread organised by DMC number, and tightly wound the whole skein onto plastic thread cards. Seriously, ingenious idea .. Plastic cards over cardboard cars makes so much sense now!

I currently organise my threads by colour, because I like to see what shades I have to pull the best one. Currently because I’m only designing patterns for myself, I pull the best colour I think will work overall, so this method has been working pretty well so far.


My downfall is that I HATE winding my thread onto those cards .. So currently each thread card takes up x3 as much space as it could, because they’re all loosely wound on.

Chantelle’s tight winding onto cards has inspired me. I’m currently incorporating my own thread into the ones I just scored, and I’m winding them as I go. I’m not yet 100% sure if the numbering or colour system is best yet to be honest, but I decided to stick with Chantelle’s method (partially because the organiser in me  <3’s them being organised by number), so there’s going to be a bit of trial and error so we’ll see what that goes.

These are all the ones I bought for $150 instead of $175. Chantelle was happy to get rid of them, so I got a further $25 discount, WHICH. IS. AWESOME!! I’m so excited by all these new colours .. I’ve designed a few more patterns so I’m in itching to be stitching!!


20 thoughts on “DMC Thread Organisation

  1. Wow! That really is an excellent bargain! Have fun playing with them (if you still want to be able to view them by colour family, the thread DMC colour card has them organized that way, so you can look for which colour you want, read off the number and voila!)


    • Oh yes definitely – so many bargains to be had on Gumtree I find! This one definitely takes the cake though .. Saving of over >$250 bucks! I’m still doing a happy jig thinking about it.

      I hope when you have a look there is something as great for you too!


  2. I have to be organised too and it pains me to say that my thread stash is the only area of our home that isn’t sorted but seeing this has spurred me on to get it all neatened up. That is such a bargain too, what a find and so lovely of her to send them all so organised :-)


    • Oh wow, 12 colours really would be a lot easier to organise! I do love having such a variety of colours though .. And I think if you’ve mastered medieval embroidery, cross stitch definitely wouldn’t be too complicated for you .. If you choose to ever do it :)


  3. Fabulous bargain! I bet you couldn’t wait to get started designing after receiving so many colours! I’ve found some great deals at car boot sales which have basically been going for pennies.

    I’m a cardboard and very tightly wound card kinda girl. I love spinning round with the threat and organising them by shade!


    • Yep, they were very inspiring for sure! Such a great feeling when you nab a bargain.

      I’ve kept mine on cardboard, and tightly wound them too! I’ve stuck with organising them by DMC though, but I’ve found has worked really well.


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