Bible De Lettres A Point De Croix, Tome 1 Review

Cross Stitch Letters BibleYay! I finally received the cross stitch font bible I mentioned a little while ago. I was so excited, I did a little happy dance when I saw it in our letterbox.

As promised, I’m sharing a review with you all before you take the plunge and buy it. For me, it cost$75 AUD including shipping, so it’s a fair investment. BUT. It’s going to save me time when trying to find a font for my designs I think.

The book is organised by count numbers identified in the top left and right hand corners of each page. The number represents the width of the character only, not the height.

Cross Stitch Letters BibleThe count starts at 5 and goes all the way up to 55, which is great for monogram pieces.

It has fantastic variation between that are and aren’t embellished also.

I’d love to post more photos, but for copyright reasons I won’t.

The book contains a large amount of numbers also in all sorts of patterns, which is fantastic.


In conclusion, I’m really glad I took the plunge and bought this book, and I’d recommend any cross stitcher who designs their own patterns purchasing it also. There are SO many fonts in this book that you could go to town on!

10 thoughts on “Bible De Lettres A Point De Croix, Tome 1 Review

    • I was wondering the same thing when I first received the book too! From what I can see, the 2 colours is a guide only .. I think it’s just to advise that they would use 2 different colours, but I’m sure we could use as many or as few colours as we like :)


  1. I genuinely am so pleased that it has arrived for you as I would be just as excited! Also, that you have been able to do a little review as on hearing about it in one of your previous posts I have been thinking of purchasing it myself so is nice to hear your opinion on it :-)


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