Sewing Space

Craft RoomAwhile ago I mentioned that Mr A surprised me with a new desk and new shelving for an area of our study that would be a dedicated craft area.

Mr A put up my pegboard last week, and I just wanted to share what a difference it has made storage wise! If you’re thinking of getting  a peg board, they’re relatively inexpensive, and you can design and customise the backing to suit whatever you’d like.

At the moment I’ve left mine white for the moment, and there’s still a lot of space to fill .. but that’s okay, I’m going to head to the craft store to stock up soon hehe!!


12 thoughts on “Sewing Space

    • Haha! I think it’s my need for organisation that drives a tidy space haha .. My mind feels a little cluttered if the area I’m working is disorganised .. Organised chaos at the very least is required hehe! :)


  1. The peg board is such a great idea – I might see if I can tempt my other half into letting me have one in our craft (spare) room!


    • Oh definitely! They are so so space effective .. I still need to jazz mine up a bit, but I can imagine it almost becoming a feature of the room! Good luck convining your other half ;)


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