Gender Neutral Baby Quilt

Would you / did you find out the gender of your baby whilst pregnant?

It’s a question I’ve recently asked myself, because one of the orders I recently received has requested a gender neutral baby quilt. In our circle of friends, almost everyone who has been expecting has found out the gender of their baby at their 20 or so week scan, so it’s not something I’ve really thought about until now. When the time comes, I think I’d like to keep it a secret .. Only because I think it’s one of the only things that is truly a surprise in life.

Anywho, I trotted off to get some fabric for this quilt and found that a lot were obviously boy or girl fabrics, or suited to different themes. I thought a rainbow was gender neutral, and because I love chevron so much, I went with a chevron pattern with white in between.

I know a rainbow has purple in there too, but the tones were definitely suited to a girl .. So I decided to skip that.

Rainbow Chevron Quilt TopHere’s my completed quilt top. I’ll take a close up of the white fabric, because it has some polka dots on it which are just adorable.

I took the plunge and decided to invest in a walking foot too! So I started quilting last night. The quilt top is cotton, and the quilt back is flannel so I’m really glad I invested and bought the genuine walking foot .. It has already been so helpful so far!

Let me know your thoughts – you know I love to hear them!






24 thoughts on “Gender Neutral Baby Quilt

  1. It’s beautiful Erin!!!I love how you arranged the colours and how clear the sewing is done…. as we always say here …. BRAVA ….. <3 <3 <3


  2. Your quilt is gorgeous :) and quite perfectly gender-neutral. I didn’t go out of my way to find out the genders of my babies, preferring surprises but due to tests required one time we did end up finding out. Apparently we should’ve specifically said that we didn’t want to know if we’d wanted to keep the surprise element!


    • Thank you for your lovely feedback! :)

      I’ve heard that a few times now actually .. Perhaps the doctors just get so used to people wanting to find out, they forget to ask whether you actually do or not!


  3. That is a beautiful quilt, so sharp in colours! When I have children, I’d like to find out the gender before they are born, so I can get to work on all of the little clothes I want to make for them :)


  4. I love the top! I may borrow that idea :) I’ve done a few chevrons myself and really like doing them. One word of caution when mixing flannel and cotton… flannel shrinks more than cotton. :( I usually wash flannel three times before using it.


  5. it’s beautiful! I have to admit I was desperate to know the sex of my first, and being hospitalised so often with the constant nausea I had plenty of opportunity. Or so you would think…Lou had the cord between her legs and her feet tucked up under her bum EVERY TIME. We’re talking over 10 scans here…in contrast, all the boys? I saw that penis before the sonographer could mention it. Typical, isn’t it?!


    • Thank you! Hehe .. Who knows, I might change my mind when the time comes for us! I can definitely understand wanting to find out .. And constant nausea definitely must not have been fun at all. Haha! Lou just wanted to keep her entry into the world a surprise then hey! And SO typical .. Boys will be boys haha! ;)


  6. Absolutely stunning!! No I won’t be finding out the gender when the time comes (not for a few years yet!). Much more fun to have a surprise and you’re not restricted by boy or girl items.


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