Thermomix in the House – “Chocolate” Bliss Balls

Mr A & I took the plunge and bought the new Thermomix a couple of weeks ago. Due to huge demand, it took 5 weeks for it to be delivered, but we just received it this Saturday and I’m so excited!

I’m pretty late to the party I’ll admit. I only heard about them through friends who raved about owning one.

It seemed like every time I asked someone for a recipe, they replied with, ‘Ohhhh it’s a Thermomix recipe sorry!’

After hosting a demonstration we were sold though. It truly is q great machine, and after receiving it on Saturday I made all these things on Sunday;

  1. Pizza sauce
  2. Pizza base
  3. Pizza – duh! :)
  4. Flourless chocolate cake
  5. Bliss Balls
  6. Bacon & mushroom risotto

I was in the kitchen for about an hr making all these things .. Previously that was unheard of!

My favourite thing from the first day with our Thermomix was the bliss balls though. They are SO good – tiny morsels of amazingness. You could make them with a blender too, so give them a whirl because I promise you won’t be disappointed! They’ll get rid of that sweet craving after dinner, if you’re like me that is!

Guilt Free Chocolate Bliss Balls

60g Almonds

60g Cashews

20g Sunflower Seeds

120g Dates

60g Sultanas / Raisins

1 TSP Vanilla Essence

2 TBS Cocoa Powder

Mix all ingredients for 30 secs / Speed 9 and roll into small balls. Coat in desiccated coconut – I find it easier to put a handful of coconut in a ziplock bag and roll 5-6 balls at once.  Pop them in the fridge, and then hide from everyone else, because they’re delicious and will quickly get demolished!


I’m in a Funk!

Do you guys find this time of year is SO busy?!

Whilst it is awesome catching up with friends and family, and celebrating all different types of events .. It takes a toll on me mentally and sometimes physically.

I feel drained .. and I have very little energy at the moment, which makes crafting after a full day of work and house chores a little tedious.

I really dislike feeling like this, having the time and resources to make amazing things is a blessing! I just seem to be running out of time right now .. The finish line for completing my quilted bed footer seems to getting further and further away right now, and I really need to snap out of this minor funk soon.

And for anyone experiencing the same kind of funk / rut .. I feel for you, and we’ll all snap out of it soon!


Quilted Bed Footer – Starburst Block

Star Quilt Blocks (1)


The start of my next order – a quilted bed footer using a starburst block.

 I’ve decided to change the layout though, the very left hand block has now been moved to the very right, so that the dark floral fabrics are separated. The light blue and light blue floral fabric will now be featured in the middle.

This bed footer will feature at the bottom of a double bed.

The recipient for this order loves floral fabrics, so I’ve used 3 feature floral fabrics, and 3 supporting fabrics. I especially love the dark blue fabric, which I think pops so well against the other florals.

Blue Hue Floral Fabrics


I’d love to know what you think!

Cross Stitch Initial – Bible De Lettres A Point De Croix, Tome 1

Our gorgeous god daughter’s christening was last weekend (yep, she was so cute in her lace gown!), and I wanted to mark the occasion with something special.

At first, I was planning on stitching her a monogram initial from Bible De Lettres A Point De Croix, Tome 1, which would be the first thing I had stitched from this wonderous book, but there was no way I would get it finished in time for the christening.

Myah’s first birthday is on the 20th December though, and I’ve now expanded this project to stitch her whole name as a kind of door plaque for her bedroom.

I’ve chosen 2 pink tones to stitch her name in – dark pink for the bulk of the letter, and light pink for the embellishments.

Here’s a progress shot of the ‘M’ for you – 1 letter down, 3 to go!


M Monogram

DIY Corner Bar / Coffee Station

I’ve been quiet. Like super quiet for the past week, only because I’ve been working on something awesome ..

AWESOME I TELL YOU! (Absolutely no bias here. I promise. Okay fine, maybe just a little bit.)

So, what’s so amazing I hear you ask?

I upcycled a pine corner TV unit into a chic DIY bar / coffee station!



Mr A and I have quite an awkward corner in our house. For the past 2 years it’s been empty, and it’s the last space in our house that needs to be completed. On our house plans, they had the corner as a bar, but it would’ve been ridiculously small and not usable, so I decided to recycle a used pine TV unit and turn it into a bar and coffee station.

 I did a bit of research online and knew that I wanted our bar to be white. I search our local thrift shop website (Gumtree, for those of you in Australia), and found the perfect unit for $100! So I got to upcycling.



This is what the unit looked like to before. It was pine, and quite thick wood. Having done some research, I thought I had to sand back to get rid of the varnish, and then prime and undercoat the wood prior to painting. Thankfully though, I spoke to a handy friend of mine who told me Taubmans (paint brand) makes a 3 in 1 paint so that you don’t have to sand! SUCH a great idea, as  it combines a primer, undercoat and sealant all in one!

I didn’t need many supplies for this one. Just a paint brush, paint roller, paint tray, 3 in 1, screwdriver, masking tape, and final paint colour.

This before shot is after I took off all the doors and the door hardware. I definitely recommend doing so, as it’s pretty tricky to get into all the spaces you need to.


Primer / Sealant / Undercoat

Primer / Sealant / Undercoat

2 coats of sealant took about 2 days to do, including drying time. During this time, I was just imaging all the things I would  put into it which kept me motivated hehe! At this stage the unit was in our garage, but we got some really rainy weather so I ended up moving it into our living area.


Second Coat of Paint

Second Coat of Paint

I found it really hard to get into all the nooks and crannies whilst the unit was standing up, so I laid it on its side which was SO much easier, but definitely took up more space – my back was really thankful for the swap though!

I had originally intended to keep the whole unit white. But whilst I was painting I decided to want to do the trim in a dark grey. We have a few grey tones in the area, and it seemed like a nice idea at the time .. Until I actually had to paint it!

DIY Bar (6)

If you decide to do something like this at home, PLEASE, I beg you, use some good quality tape! I didn’t to begin with, and you can see the grey bled into the white, which meant I really carefully had to go back over with white 2 times, to cover the grey.

Once I saw the paint bled, I bought some new good quality stuff and it was all okay – thankfully!!


Here is the finished product!
DIY Bar / Coffee Station!

DIY Bar / Coffee Station!

As you can see, the trim and the doors are in grey.

We bought a new coffee machine, and I’m in the process of moving our alcohol, wine glasses, champagne glasses, spirit tumblers etc into the unit right now.

It finishes off our corner so perfectly, and it’s nice to have some extra bench space now that our drink items are all stored here!

The next plan is to add a sliding shelf to the narrower shelf, just for some extra layout space .. Particularly for those espresso martinis!


Once we deck it out a bit more, I’ll show you guys a photo, just so you can get an idea of the layout. I was too excited to share this, especially as I’ve been so quiet on here lately!

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts on our latest DIY addition. If you have any questions, or you’ve attempted this at home, I’d love to know how you went!