I’m in a Funk!

Do you guys find this time of year is SO busy?!

Whilst it is awesome catching up with friends and family, and celebrating all different types of events .. It takes a toll on me mentally and sometimes physically.

I feel drained .. and I have very little energy at the moment, which makes crafting after a full day of work and house chores a little tedious.

I really dislike feeling like this, having the time and resources to make amazing things is a blessing! I just seem to be running out of time right now .. The finish line for completing my quilted bed footer seems to getting further and further away right now, and I really need to snap out of this minor funk soon.

And for anyone experiencing the same kind of funk / rut .. I feel for you, and we’ll all snap out of it soon!



12 thoughts on “I’m in a Funk!

  1. Seconding the ‘take time to rechange yourself’ comment! Running on empty only makes everything so much harder, take a break and you’ll feel so much better! Don’t worry, you’re not the only one like this, I regularly have to take breaks from everything crafty, but it’s so much better when I do!


    • Good point! I thought I could ‘break through the barrier’ so to speak, but I think it’s just making things worse. Thank goodness we all feel it sometimes, I was being to think I was just being unappreciative or something!


  2. Just took a break myself. We have birthdays, holidays, new babies in the family, and blah blah blah… I finally decided to take some “me” time and got a good trashy novel and spent the weekend in the recliner with it. (Of course with the World Series playing in the background), and by Sunday evening, I felt the itch to get back to my machines. :)


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