Mission Accomplished!

It was a very busy weekend in the crosstitchery household; engagement parties, catch up with friends, walks around the river, and finishing off my latest order! My rainbow baby quilt was also delivered to its’ new owner on the weekend .. So I’m feeling quite accomplished, which is great given how I’ve been feeling recently.

If you remember, I’ve been in a bit of a funk, finding it quite hard to get motivated .. I really appreciated all your comments and support advising it was probably time to take some rest and relaxation time out for myself.

In true crosstitchery fashion though, I persevered and am very happy to say my quilted bed footer was completed and finished over the weekend, and dropped off to its’ new owner on Sunday.

I loved making this quilt, as it was for the mum of one of my best friends. In my excitement to get it to its’ new owner though, I forgot to take a finished photo so I am kicking myself a little bit!

Despite this, I am feel really glad that I pushed through and completed it. I’m now going to take a weekend to recharge my batteries, before I start on my next order for a baby boy jungle themed quilted. Excited to start this one and I’m going to tackle applique for the very first time.

Do you have any tips and tricks for applique? 



Because who doesn’t love a lil Ryan Gosling?!


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