Quilted Cushions

Last week I was involved in a random act of kindness. To start with though, I need to give you a bit of a back story as to why this act is so amazing, and so out of the blue (pun intended, don’t worry, you’ll get it in a minute).

I live in Perth, Australia and in the scheme of the blogging world, it’s a pretty tiny place. So being contacted by a reader of my blog, who lives in Perth also, was already pretty cool and crazy.

BUT, this reader, whose name is Jenny contacted me to donate her craft supplies to me, because she no longer uses them.

As you might be able to imagine, upon reading this e-mail I was pretty delighted, and then totally blown away. I honestly don’t know how many people who be willing to contact a complete stranger (basically), and offer to donate them supplies .. I mean, that is pretty frickin’ cool!

Mr A collect the supplies for me, and Jenny donated me some great quality stuff. In order to say thank you, I quilted some cushions for her. I’m planning to drop these off this week .. So Jenny, if you’re reading, act surprised please!

Quilted Cushions (2)

This is the first time I’ve ever quilted or sewed a cushion before. I used a basic envelope cushion tutorial, and just adapted some of the measurements. The top of my cushion is 9 5″ charm cuts, from a Moda series. They’re blue hues (get the pun now?!), and I’ve used a simple chevron fabric for the back .. Because we all know how much I love chevron!

Quilted Cushions (1)

My cushion inserts were size 14, which is 36cm x 36m, which is 14″ x 14″. I added a grey border to the sides of my cushion quilt top in order to meet the dimensions of the tutorial.

Quilted Cushions (3)

These were simple to whip up, and quite effective .. I think I’ll add them to my gift list from now on!

I hope Jenny likes them. I really wanted to thank her for being such a generous person.



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