Baby Boy Quilt Top – Beginner Applique

Oscar Quilt - Quilt DesignMy latest commission project is a baby boy quilt for a bub due in Feb 15′ –  his name is Oscar! The soon to be mum had a very specific design in mind to match Oscar’s nursery, which is jungle themed. She requested bright blues, oranges and greens, with some kind of contrast in there. Her inspiration was a Lamaze toy. She also wanted animals and Oscar’s name appliqued onto the quilt, which was really daunting for me! Awhile ago I mentioned I wanted to applique and I asked for some advice. Most people said to practice over and over, and take it really slow. More on the applique part to come shortly.

I bought 7 different fabrics for this quilt;

  • Mid blue – solid
  • Various blue – pattern
  • Bright orange – solid
  • Various orange – pattern
  • Light green
  • B&W chevron
  • Off white polka dot

Once I started laying out the fabric, I had quite a few change of hearts regarding the layout of the top RHS block – the B&W chevron fabric was so much more of a contrast than I originally expected.

Layout of Oscar's quilt - pre piecing aside from the chevron and pinwheel block

Layout of Oscar’s quilt – pre piecing aside from the chevron and pinwheel block

I decided on keeping the chevron in the end though, and this is a progress shot of the quilt layout. The bottom right polka dot rectangle would have Oscar’s name, and the top left and diagonal rectangle would have 2 animals appliqued.

I practiced applique on different fabrics before I attempted this. Thank goodness for my new sewing machine, and it’s speed control and blanket stitch – it saved my sanity here! Here’s some shot of the applique once completed. I used stabiliser on the back as recommended whilst I was reading up on applique, and I attached the fabric to each layer with fusible web. Slow and steady was definitely the way here. I completed Oscar’s name first, and the ‘O’ took me about an hour! Surprisingly I found that corners were actually much harder for me than curves. I thought it would be the other way around, and was really dreading the ‘O’ but that letter was actually okay. The ‘R’ was actually the hardest letter!


The giraffe was also a little difficult with it’s different components. I read up on layering applique, and studied the giraffe a lot to ensure I wouldn’t end up unnecessary bulk on the layers, and it worked out really well I think.

Oscar Quilt - Completed Quilt TopThis is the quilt top all assembled and pressed. I’m SUPER happy with the way it has turned out, and I think I’ve met my customer’s brief. The applique which really daunted me to begin with seems a lot more accomplishable now, and I’m pretty excited to have nearly completed my first applique project!

I’ll be straight line quilting in the blank rectangles with different coloured thread, and I’ll be sure to post a picture of this quilt once it’s all done.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this quilt .. Please consider leaving a comment with any thoughts you have, and Happy New Year everyone!

Here’s to a safe and creative 2015 for everyone xxx


Cushion Bonanza! & A very Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to wish all my visitors and friends a very Merry Christmas this Christmas Eve!

We have so much to be thankful for, including being able to share our thoughts, creativity and accomplishments online, and I hope you enjoy Christmas with all your loved ones, whether in person or in memory.

Thank you to everyone who shares their amazing creations through their blogs .. You continue to inspire me all the time!

I’ve been working on a few projects over the last few days .. Here’s how they’ve ended up!

I so ‘cleverly’ (insert so much sarcasm here) decided to stitch up some cushions as present this Christmas .. The only flaw in my plan was that I decided this on the 22nd of December! I am happy to say however, that I’ve completed all 4 and they’re all wrapped and ready to be gifted tomorrow.

The first was x2) disappearing 9 patch 16″ cushions, bordered with light and mid dark blue. These are going to my Mum, and I really hope she likes them! I used 9 charm square from Moda ‘Shades of Black’ charm pack, and 1 blue and white feature fabric, just for a pop of colour.

Once all 9 squares were sewn together, I cut it right down the middle up and down, and across the middle left to right, and then rearranged it to created the disappearing 9 block. I love this block .. There are so many variations, and so much creativity to be had just by using a few (or less than a few) fabrics, and rearranging until your heart’s content.

The 2 other cushions I made were using a charm pack that I had made half square triangles out of several months ago. The HST’s were originally sewn up to create a quilt. but they ended up in my to be used pile and came in so handy .. I think that’s a big reason why I was able to finish all 4 cushions in only 2 days!

These 2 cushions are going to my baby sisters, including their cross stitch initials, so I wanted to embroider their names on the back of the cushion, along with a sister saying .. I definitely nearly bit of more than I could chew with this project! I decided on, ‘A sister is a forever friend,’ because it’s cute and so true .. And also because it’s a short effective saying. Time was really of the essence here.

I’m so glad I tried my hand at embroidery a few months back. I just used a simple back stitch on these 2 cushions, as I haven’t had the time recently to practice .. But even so, the end result isn’t half bad! Next time I won’t use such a fussy fabric as the backing though I think.

 And here is the end result! I hope my mum and sister love them .. Fingers crossed!

All done!

All done!


Love Heart Quilted Cushion

It’s our god daughter’s 1st birthday today, and if you remember awhile back, I mentioned I was planning on stitching her name in a beautiful cross stitch font from Bible De Lettres A Point De Croix, Tome 1.

Unfortunately time has gotten the better of me, with several orders and other personal projects all falling into my lap at once. For the mean time, our god daughter’s name is staying in my WIP pile for a little longer .. But I made her some love heart quilted cushions to add to her nursery, for when her name home is all built!

This may sound a little crazy, but this is the first time I’ve ever sewn a zipper into a cushion, well actually, anything at all. I got it around the wrong way at first, which was supppper fun getting reacquainted with my seam ripper (NOT!)

This is a special present to celebrate her 1st birthday present, but this is also a special project because it’s the first I completed on my new sewing machine!! The hunt for a new sewing machine is over, and I’m so happy with my purchase .. But more on that to come!

Here are the finished products. The final cushion size is 18″x 18″ .. I love them, and I hope our god daughter does too!

Love Heart Cushion1

Love Heart Cushion


The love heart patterns is made from the Moda Paradiso charm pack, which I think is just gorgeous. I took 6 different squares, stitched them together and cut them diagonally to make 6 HST’s, and then 3 different squares, paired them with white Moda fabric and cut them diagonally to make 6 additional HST’s. I then cut 2 white squares at 4.5″ x 4.5″ for the very bottom left and right corners.

This is a really simple pattern to make, and very effective. I think it would look gorgeous with several different solid colour fabrics, or even ombre. If you’d like more info, just let me know!

& An Ombre Coffee Cross Stitch

Coffee Cross StitchA recent completed project of mine for a Secret Santa present .. Who can relate?!

I particularly love the ombre of this cross stitch, with lighter words at the top travelling to darker words at the bottom, and ombre hearts for a clean border.

Yay for Christmas time!

DIY TV Cabinet Makeover

Check out these amazing ideas for turning a TV cabinet into wonderful things .. 

If your town is like ours, people are always selling TV cabinets on the cheap. I especially love the changing table make over – what a great idea! You can close the doors and hide the mess. I would pop a mobile up the top of the cabinet to keep baby entertained whilst nappy changing ..

Having completed a makeover of a TV cabinet turned bar / coffee station .. I am all about furniture makeovers!