A New Sewing Machine – A Lil Update!

One of the playgrounds in Kings Park – so awesome!

Mr A was extremely lovely and organised a surprise birthday barbecue for me on Sunday with friends and family at Kings Park. For those of you not in Perth, Kings Park is a huge park in the city of Perth which overlooks the city, and has multiple playgrounds and gardens throughout.

My family and friends so kindly chipped in to buy some money towards a new sewing machine, as the one I have my eye on is out of our budget, and would be for a long time. It’s currently on a Christmas sale though, with $250 off, so my friends and family’s generosity couldn’t come at a better time!

I’ve decided on the Janome 3160QDC. The reviews for this machine are few and far between, but I’ve been researching for a few weeks now and I think this is going to serve my needs best. I took people’s advice and found a niche sewing centre in my city, who have been so helpful and assured me that Janome’s are great. They’ve tested out this machine in their centre, and I’ve put one on hold and will be collecting it tonight!!

I’ll be sure to put a small review of this machine up once I pick it up and play with it. Luckily I have so many Christmas projects on the go right now that it will get a good test run soon!

Thanks to everyone who gave me their advice regarding picking a new sewing machine .. It’s not a small amount of money to invest, so I want to be 150% sure I’m happy with the one I pick, and be sure it will serve my purposes .. Another update to come soon!



4 thoughts on “A New Sewing Machine – A Lil Update!

    • Phew! Thanks for the feedback! I’ve heard similar things, so we’ll see once I actually get it out of the box .. I’ve vowed not to open it until I have a bit of extra time, as I don’t want to be rushed while playing around with it .. Fingers crossed I can wait! And thank you :)


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