Woodgrain Quilting – Walking Foot

I don’t free motion quilt. I’m not at all confident enough to start learning just yet.

Instead, my quilting are pretty set by pattern I’ve created. Either straight lines, diagonal lines or zig zag. With my new sewing machine, I’ve been able to do some different patterns like this one, but they’re still a bit rigid for my liking.

I’ve always wanted to try woodgrain quilting, but I’ve always thought you needed to free motion this. I read a little comment on Pinterest on day that spiked my interest, as it mentioned woodgrain quilting with a walking foot!

So following this amazing revelation (in my mind), I googled it and came across some fantastic instructions.

I think this blog is an example of seeing the creative process for quilting. I’m going to give this a shot the next time I have a quilt that is suitable .. It’s so free flowing, dimensional and beautiful! I imagine  for a quilting pattern like this, the quilt top will be a lot less busy so the quilting can speak for itself.

I have a gender neutral baby quilt coming up, and am thinking of using the, ‘Into the Woods‘ fabric range .. Wood grain quilting would be perfect for it!


Tada! – Baby Boy Jungle Animal Quilt

Overview of Quilt Components

Overview of Quilt Components

Just wanted to show you all the finished product of my latest commissioned order.

If you’ve been keeping track, I provided a progress post here.

I’m so proud of this quilt, and was a little sad to see it go to its new home over the weekend.

It’s my first ever applique, and it wasn’t as tough as I first expected thankfully! The key is to go slowly for me, at least until I build up more confidence and skill whilst appliqueing. I used some new stitches including a decorative stitch in a swirly pattern, and the blanket stitch for the applique component.


Its new owner loves it, which is really the most important part for me. I designed this quilt myself with some instruction on colours. I’m really pleased with how it all came together – what do you think?


Spoonflower – Custom Fabric!

I might be completely behind the times here and you guys have already heard about this amazing website, but I recently stumbled upon Spoonflower on my travels through the wide realm of the Internet.

Spoonflower allows you to create custom printed fabric, and search through other people’s fabric also. They sell fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap .. All kinds of things really!

My excitement over finding Spoonflower is quite simple really – I was looking for an easy and attractive way to label my quilts & cushions. I use stickers on the back of cross stitches with my logo, so they’re easy to identify. But all my recent quilt orders recently gone out without a label (I know, it’s a huge faux pas on my part .. moving on)!

I toyed with the eye of embroidering my name on my quilts etc, but decided this wouldn’t be time effective and provide the finish that I was after. I then toyed with self printing my logo onto fabric and stitching it on, but passed on that idea also.

After my recent applique experience, I knew I wanted to applique a small logo onto the back of my quilts and cushions, and in order to do this, I needed to have my logo printed onto fabric.

SPOONFLOWER TOTALLY DOES THAT! And at a price point which is reasonable – EVEN BETTER!!

You upload your logo, picture, words (provided you have the copyright of course). You can make your design smaller or larger, print on different types of fabric, and pick between a sample cut, fat quarters, or yards.


The real winner in this for me is that postage to Australia is so cheap – $4!! That never happens for those of us ordering items in America and having them delivered to Australia.

I’d recommend having a look at Spoonflower, even just to look at their customer fabrics. I believe the designers get a commission fee if you place an order of their designed fabric.

I’ll be receiving my fabric at the end of this month, and I’m SUPER excited!

365 Quilt-Block Patterns Perpetual Calendar

First off, apologies for the glacial silence. I’ve been so busy at work, and coming down with gastro that it has really taken the wind out of my sails. Added to that, my schedule fell so far behind because whilst I was was sick in bed, I was actually supposed to be quilting Oscar’s quilt, which gets delivered this weekend.

 Thankfully I’ll be finished in time, but my oh my was it a close race to the finish line.

Anywho, I was browsing Instagram recently and came across a cool little hashtag, which now I can’t remember. I traced it back and it’s based on this calendar by Judy Hopkins. The person whose photo I saw is doing a block a day (?!? how do people have time for that?!), but I’ve ended up purchasing a calendar for some quilt block inspiration :) .. I’m thinking a sampler quilt might be called for soon!

I’ll post some pics / review once I receive it .. And yep, I still need to review my new seiwng machine (WHICH IS AMAZEBALLS). If gastro hadn’t kicked me so hard in the ass, it’d be done by now .. Sorry!

I wish you all a creative and gastro free weekend coming! xx