Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who stops by to read my blog. I love seeing your comments and feedback on my work – they really inspire me!

This post is also a thank you to the people who have nominated me for some blog awards recently, specifically Polo from The Knitter Nerd for the Lovely Blog Award, Jenn from Life’s Complicated, so Cross Stitch for the Versatile Blogger Award, and Toni from Blissfully Crafted for the Liebster Award.

I find it hard to keep up with the requirements of accepting such nominations though, so I just wanted to say a thank you to these lovely people for spreading the blog love – it is appreciated more than you know!

I suggest reading these blogs as they’re loved and cherished by some awesomely talented people. I have no doubt you’ll find some inspiration in their work.



5 Seed Bread – Thermomix

We bought our Thermomix about 4 months ago, and sometimes I feel like I’m not using it as much as I should.

Don’t get me wrong, we use it every single day, but I see people making amazing dinners, desserts and staple items, and I can’t help but feel out thermomix is not being used to its full potential.

I’ve realised it actually takes a lot of time to plan and organise making your own items.

Between working full time, social activities, housework, and crafting .. There’s sometimes not a lot left in the tank to make items that I wouldn’t usually make. I’ve decided to set myself an achieveable goal though.

Each month I’m going to make something that I wouldn’t usually make. Just one thing per month. I think this will be managable, and will allow me to feel like I’m getting more out of Thermomix.

This month my item was bread. I’ve never made bread before, so I thought this would be a good item to tackle first.

I used the 5 Seed Bread from the Everyday Cookbook.


  • 2 teaspoon dry Yeast
  • 1 teaspoon Salt
  • 50gms Oats
  • 30gms Sesame Seeds
  • 30gms Linseeds
  • 30gms Sunflower Seeds
  • 30gms Pumpkin Seeds
  • 30gms Poppy Seeds
  • 30gms Honey
  • 30gms Olive Oil
  • 500gms Lukewarm Water

I think you could make this recipe without the thermomix, you’d just need to knead a little longer to make sure all the seeds are combined. The processing for making the dough only took me about 10 minutes or so. After letting the dough rise and cook, the process took about 2 hours in total.

I’d definitely make this recipe again though. The bread is so filling that when I previously would have 2 slices with soup for lunch, I only need one thanks to all the fibre and seeds.

5 Seed Bread


Perth Giants .. Amazing!

Mr A & I had a lovely Valentine’s weekend – I hope you all did too!

Perth hosted an amazing arts event this weekend for the Perth International Arts Festival. The backing to this amazing event was a story revolving around Indigenous people of Australia; you can have a look here for the beautiful story.

The giants are operated by cranes and support crew, who use rope and pulleys to move the limbs of the giants. The sheer manpower required to move the huge limbs of the giants is incredible.

The organisers of this event anticipated over 1 million people would attend over the 3 day period. I think this definitely happened .. The lines for public transport like buses and trains were SO long, and the number of people in the crowds to see the giants was actually incredible.

I took a few photos of the giants to share with you all, but they honestly don’t do them justice. The amount of detail on the giants was so impressive.

If the giants come to your city, make sure you go and see them. I’m not sure I’ll ever witness  something similar, and I’m so glad that Mr A & I took the time to battle the crows and make our way into the city.

My Other Love ..

.. Heart Cushion!Love Heart Cushion Cover

 This baby is the second in my previous post of love heart cushions.

I used the same fabrics, but in a different design to tie the 2 cushions together. I’m really happy with how this one turned out.

Originally the border was full strips of light and dark pink, but I decided to add the Paris fabric corners to feature this fabric a little more, as the back of this cushion is green. I particularly love the red rose in the top left hand corner :)


Here’s what the cushions look like together. I hope their new owner, Olivia, loves them!

Front of Love Heart Cushions


Back of Love Heart Cushions


& My Spoonflower Fabric in Use

Spoonflower Fabric TagsMy Spoonflower fabrics are in use!

These tags have been sewn into the sides of both of the cushions for my latest commission.
They were so easy to cut, and they look great .. I’m so happy to finally have my work be marked ‘crosstitchery!’