Less Of ..

When I first started crosstitchery, I really just wanted to use it as a way to track and share my creations with other like minded people. I never once thought it would flourish into what it is now, and there’s still so much room for crosstitchery to grow.

I read an article today that really rang home for me .. It’s called, ‘No, You’re Not More of a “Real” Mom Because Your House is Messy.’

Mr A & I don’t have children, so I can’t comment on this article from a parent’s perspective. But I think this article is so true for all of us, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Recently I’ve seen lots of people on blogs or Instagram posting about their quilt-a-longs, or their fabric swaps. I would really like to get involved, but I just don’t have the time right now, and my lack of involvement sometimes makes me feel like I’m less of a blogger, or less of a creative craftess, just because I’m not involved in these wonderful, creative, and social outlets.

Now that I think about it (after being kicked in the bum by this article), not being involved in these things does not make me any less of a blogger, or creative chick. At the moment, I can barely find the time to write the posts that I want, whilst working full time, completing my commissions, and keeping up with our social and personal life. I mean, something has to give right?! For me, that is exploring all the fantastic quilt-a-longs and swaps that are available in Australia, or even throughout the world.

I need to remember that my priorities at the moment do not include being able to keep up with any kind, ‘a-long’ venture or swap right now, and that’s okay.

I still get to create special and unique things, just in my own time, as my schedule allows.

If you’re feeling like you’re, ‘less of,’ something, just remember that you are a whole lotta awesome, amazing, unique, talented, loving, caring, and wonderful – all in your own way! Do things that make YOU happy .. Cleaning, baking, procraftinating, whatever it is, just make sure it is for you.


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