& a Love Heart Cushion (or Two)

My latest commission is for x2) floral, vintage cushions. My client Jess requested a love heart front, having seeing the cushions I made for my little sisters.

Jess requested these for her friend Olivia, who will be submitting her PhD shortly. That’s a pretty amazing milestone in one’s life, so I personally think that Jess is a champ for being so thoughtful and having something specially created for Olivia’s special time.

With floral and vintage in mind, I pulled some fabrics and use this as my inspiration. I LOVE this fabric. Paris holds a special place in my heart as it was one of the first stops on Mr A & I’s honeymoon last year.

Paris Fabric

I turns out Olivia’s favourite place is Paris too, so this fabric really is perfect! Jess originally requested that, ‘Dr Olivia,’ be embroidered on the back of one of the cushions. After speaking with Jess, I decided to applique this as I think it gives a better finish.

I designed the front of one cushion to look like an angled love heart, with emphasis on the Paris fabric.

Love Heart Design

This is a progress photo of the cushion cover after it as all been pieced together. I love how the Paris and green fabric really compliment each other. (The world love that you see below is a little overlay I popped on my photo .. It’s not on the final cushion top)

Love Heart Cushion Front

I always knew I was going to use the Paris fabric for the backing, as I think Olivia will love it. I originally chose ‘Sweet Pea,’ as the applique font, but realised that it was a little too skinny and the applique might look a little funny on it. Below is what the Sweet Pea font look like .. It’s gorgeous right, but those skinny bits of the letters would be a little tricky I thought.

Sweet Pea Font Applique

I decided to use, ‘Pacifico‘ as the font, and here’s what the applique process looks like.


This is what the front and back look like. Finished size is 16″, and I popped an 18″ insert in because I like my cushions to feel rounder. When I put the same size insert into the same size cushion cover, they always feel a little too flat for my liking.


So what do you think of this one? I’m currently working on the other cushion for this commission, and I’m sticking with the love heart theme. I’ll be using all the same fabrics, but a different design so that the cushions are related, but not to ‘matchy matchy.’

I hope you’ve all had a really lovely weekend! x


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