My Serenity

Just a little photo update of my sewing space, ie. my serenity.

I love my peg board – it makes holding items and keep them off my desk space so much easier., because as you can see, my desk space is minimal.

When I’m quilting, I move to our dining room table as this is bigger and gives my room to spread my wings!

I love my ‘inspire’ word made by a friend .. It gives me little bursts of inspiration if I’m feeling a little low.

You can see the current commission I’m work on at the moment .. I’m super excited for this one!

I’d love to see your serenity space too : )

I hope you all have a safe and creative weekend   xx

Sewing Space


6 thoughts on “My Serenity

  1. Cute space! Nice and organized. I love the pegboard and would love to have one, but I have to place in my little space. I will have to post my space some day. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Lovely work space! I would love to have a dedicated space like that. I sew on the dining room table and it’s a pain to clean up for every meal time!


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