Organising Quilt Scraps

Quilt Scrap Bag

Quilt Scrap Bag

How do you organise your quilt scraps?

After recently washing my entire fabric stash (read: don’t do this if you ever want to look at your pinking shears, washing machine, dryer and iron in the same way ever again ..), I’ve realised I have a lot of quilt scraps in a big bundle under my sewing desk.

It doesn’t look that bad, but it’s like this big gnarly beaPreviewst that has been in the back of my mind.

So. I’m going to wrangle the beast. And by that, I mean organise my scraps so that they’re usable.

Right now, all I do is through them into this bag when ever I have a scrap. There are all sorts of sizes .. From tiny little bits, to decent size bits.

I’ve seen lots of scrap quilts around and I think to myself, ‘wow – that looks great!’ and I’m inspired .. but the inspiration dies a slow death as soon as I look at that scrap bag.

I’d love your feedback on how you organise your scraps – by colour, by size? What size squares / strips do you keep?

Here’s a bit of my research if you’re inspired like me and looking to organise your scraps.

How to Organise your Quilt Scraps in 3 Steps 

Scrap System .. So jealous of this lady’s storage! I wish I had that space!

Organising Fabric Scraps


8 thoughts on “Organising Quilt Scraps

  1. I don’t know how quilters do it. The fabric would take over my life. Can’t wait to see what you come up with…


    • True – luckily I don’t have the biggest fabric scrap stash otherwise I’ve probably feel a little overwhelmed too!

      I’ll be sure to post a progress photo once I get my scraps sorted.


  2. I just pile it up -> anything too small for a 1″ square gets tossed and those little pieces I try to cut up right away – other small pieces (for hexies) go straight into that bag – everything else I pile by colour/ natural combination lol – I like scrappy things a lot. I ran all my strips through the sewing machine the other day… No idea what to do with the resulting piece – but it looks cool :P


    • I think you’re onto it in the cutting pieces up straight away. I never want to go through this again .. Pressing and cutting my whole fabric scrap stash is a nightmare!

      Strips quilting is an awesome idea .. I love the effect that it has! :)

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  3. I’ve only stitched a few easy quilts, but I am with Stitch Boom Bang, I would be so obsessed with fabric I’d have a ton. Not that I don’t already have a wardrobe in the garage full of fabric that I haven’t touched in years ;) And tons of cross stitch fabric waiting to be used. But I am sure you will find the perfect way to store your scraps until they can be used.


    • Hehe, thankfully my purse strings mean I have to only buy fabric that I really love, otherwise I’d also have a ton of fabric. I’m trying not to buy anymore fabric until I use up the things I have.

      Ohh I totally understand you with the cross stitch fabric waiting to be be used! I’ll make sure I do a post once I get organised so you can see my progress.


  4. I inherited a bag of scraps for a quilt when we cleared my grandma’s house about 10 years ago. I’ve never been brave enough to sort it out, it just sits under my sewing table glaring a me! One day!


    • Hahaha .. I just had visions of the bag having beady eyes at you, just like mine has since I started quilting!

      It’s definitely like pulling a bandaid off though .. For me, I just need to get it done, because it’s in the back of my mind every time I sit at my sewing table, and I’ve had enough!

      I can only imagine the wonderful things that a bag of scraps from 10 years ago would have in it though – hopefully your grandma has left some big bits in it so you can have a play! :)


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