Finito – Quilt Fabric Scraps Organised!

After recently pre-washing all my quilt fabric, I was inspired to organise the bag of scraps that have been sitting under my sewing desk.

Whenever I was sewing a project, I would pop all the off cuts into this bag for, ‘sometime later.’

Quilt Scrap Bag

Quilt Scrap Bag

I realised that this, ‘sometime later,’ was never going to happen, because this bag of scraps was so intimidating and overloaded, that I got tired just looking at it. No project was ever going to come from this bag of scraps, because any inspiration I felt for a scrap project was lost as soon as I started to look at that bag.

I definitely had to do something about this, because there’s really a lot of money tied in this bag of scraps. I’d also seen a lot of fabric scrap projects that I wanted to try, but once again, any inspiration was lost when I looked at this bag.

I wanted to share my steps for organising my quilt fabric scraps, just in case you need some inspiration so organise your own.

So first things first; there is no right way to organise your scraps. 

I had a look at how other people organised their fabric scraps when I was first researching. I’m not going to lie, it was really overwhelming seeing how everyone else does it. I realised there is no hard and fast rule on how to organise, and I realised I just needed to do whatever worked best for me.

So with this in mind, my pointers are just that .. pointers only, and not something you should use as the bible. No doubt you’ll have your own organisation style, your own sizing methods etc.

I decided that I wanted to store my scraps by cut size. I knew that if I was to sort by colour / shade, I’d still be put off by having to cut so much fabric straight off. So my organisation style revolves around cutting scrap fabric into different sizes

I originally decided to cut strips and squares to organise my fabric; 3.5″ strips, 2.5″ strips, 5.5″ squares, 3.5″ squares, and 2.5″ squares. Once I started cutting though, I added a few sizes because it just happened to work out that way – 2″ squares and 1″ squares.


I worked through cutting my whole bag over a few days. It was a lot harder than I originally anticipated .. SO much cutting. So from now on, whenever I have a scrap I plan on cutting and organising it straight away. There will be no more bag of scraps, because it because bigger than Ben Hurr!

Once I made my way through the whole bag, I had to decide how to keep them all organised. I saw some people use clear boxes, I saw some people use boxes without lids and so on. In all honesty, the style of my boxes came down to price. I was able to grab some cool coloured cardboard boxes for $2 each – what a bargain!


Quilt Fabric Storage Boxes


My largest boxes contains my strips – 3.5″ and 2.5″. The second holds my 5.5″ squares. The third holds 3.5″ squares and fussy cut squares. The fourth holds 2.5″ squares, 2″ squares, and 1″ squares.

These boxes are easily accessible in my space, so I won’t be tempted to pop scrap pieces into a big bag and start this process all over again.


It turns out 3.5″ squares are the biggest type in my scrap stash – I have a whole array of fabric to use – I can’t wait to get started!








imageIf you’re about to embark on organising your own scraps, you can take a look at my previous post for some pointers. You’ll likely have your own way of organising things, and I think the only things that matters is that it helps you to use those bit of fabric that we all want to use up.

I’ll be sure to post once I make something from my scrap stash. Wishing you luck if you’re undertaking quilt fabric scrap organisation, because although it does take time and effort, it is SO worth it.

 Best of luck! x




6 thoughts on “Finito – Quilt Fabric Scraps Organised!

  1. Your system sounds great–similar to mine! It is so easy now to pick a few squares to make a block or some strips to make a strip quilt because the cutting is done! It’s good you plan to keep it up. It really only takes a few minutes to feed leftovers into the boxes.


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