Inverted Star Cushions

Inverted Star Cushions

My latest creation .. inverted star cushions!

I love the way the cushions echo each other. I decided to stay with bright, bold colours for this to accentuate the pattern.

The overall mini quilt block size is 12″, with a 2″ border to create a 16″ cushion. The blocks to create the small centre star were as small as 1.5″. I had to take great care not to pull the blocks out of form whilst pressing, as I find it’s really easy to pull these blocks out of form when they’re so small.

Floral StitchThe back is a black and white floral fabric, and a black block to keep the back clean. I used one of the feature stitches on the black block for my top stitch, which looks like little leaves. I love this stitch – it’s so dainty, and it perfectly reflects the floral fabric that I used. The backs of both cushions are the same.

I just decided to stitch these as I love the double star / inverted look that I get from both cushions.

Enjoy your crafting adventures!


12 thoughts on “Inverted Star Cushions

  1. Your latest creations are a pure breath of fresh air, the top stitch feature is it a pre programmed feature on your new sewing machine ?


  2. I miss having WordPress as my platform so I can keep in touch with some of you guys! I am OBSESSED with those pillows. They’re beautiful. I wish I had your talent. I hope all is well with you! -Morgan


    • I was wondering where all your posts had gone! What are you using now?

      I’m glad you like them! Sometimes when I make things just because I like them, I think that nobody else will.

      Thank you. I hope all is well with you too – it sounds strange but a few weeks ago I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing any of your posts and just thought maybe you’d been taking it easy – you were in my thoughts though!

      Take care, Erin


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