Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 1, Day 1

First of all, this isn’t a craft post – no WIP or completion to be found here!

Have you guys head of Kayla Itsines? If you’re shaking your head, I was doing the exactly the same thing 2 weeks ago. Kayla is an Australian PT who has a 12 week program that has resulted in some amazing transformations. I happened to stumble across her on Instagram, and have basically been hooked ever since. The transformations that are posted are incredible. Through hard work, a guided fitness schedule, and a nutrition guide, there are ladies who are turning their lives around which is amazing to see.

I’ve been wanting to challenge myself physically for awhile. I’m a pretty fit person, having worked out 2 to 3 times a week for the last 4 years, but over the last 6 months I’ve found I’m not longer challenged by these workouts. I go because it’s my weekly routine, and I’ve made such great friends with my workout people that I’d really miss them if I didn’t see them each week, but physically, something is lacking.

Cue Kayla Itsines and her Bikini Body Guide (BBG), which is a 12 week challenge with various different circuits and exercises. I purchased her program and am starting today, and I wanted to write about it so I’m accountable for my actions. I know I’m going to have a hard time with this 12 weeks, because whilst I’m fit and I try to eat healthy, I’m terrible with habitual snacking, and my eating habits on the weekends suck.

I’ll workout, and then feel okay about when I binge eat crap on the couch whilst watching an episode of something. I know in my heart that maintaining a healthy body is more about what you eat than what you exercise, so Kayla’s BBG for me is about making a lifestyle change.

Today is my first day of 12 weeks. I’m planning on posting updates about my personal challenge with this. I know this is primarily a craft blog, but I like to share a little bit of me too. I hope you don’t mind, but if you do, whenever you see Kayla Itsines in the post title, just keep scrolling :)

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that being a size 6 doesn’t meant you’re healthy. You can be just as healthy at size whatever, but I know in my heart that I can do better, so I’m going to challenge myself and push myself further than I have before.

I’ve taken my starting pics and measurements, because it’s not at all about weight loss, but more about toning and trying to make the most of out of this body that can do amazing, wonderful things.

Wish me luck!


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