Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 1, Day 4

Onto Day 4 today, I can definitely say my body is hurting!

My second resistance training was on Tuesday, and was abs and arms which made me work so hard – I swear I have no abs, so doing the abs circuit was really tough.

Circuit A was push ups, medicine ball squats and press, lay down push ups, and tricep dips. Circuit B was mountain climbers, crossovers, straight leg sit up with twist, and straight leg sit ups.

The straight leg sit up with twist was my demise. I know now what my benchmark is, and I’m hoping the next time I do them they won’t hurt so much. I was so surprised by how much it was working me, that I had to google where my abs actually are haha!

I always thought they were your lower belly, so when I start to feel pain just under my rib cage, I thought I was working the wrong area / doing them the wrong way. Turns out, there are a lot of muscles that make up your ‘abs’. The rectus abdominis is the muscle that is referred to as the, ‘6 pack’.

Where are your abs located?

My workout tonight will depend on the weather, as it’s quite rainy and stormy at the moment. If all goes well, I’ll take our dog for a walk in the park and go for a run with him. If it’s raining and storm when I get home, I plan on doing my 3rd resistance training (which means I’ve worked out 4 days in a row!!), and then tomorrow I’ll head to the work gym to use the treadmill etc.

My eating has been going well so far – I’ve definitely cut out the snacking, though the true test will be when MR A and I sit down to watch a movie. I think prevention is the best method; there’s not really any unhealthy things in our pantry so as long as we don’t buy them over the next few weeks I think I’ll be able to stay strong. I

‘m trying to have healthy snacks at work, because I think one of my big mistakes is leaving too long between meals, and then starving whilst dinner is cooking, so then I eat unhealthy but convenient things. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a lifestyle change; things don’t happen overnight, and cravings and bad habits don’t disappear instantly.

I’ve been looking at the #kaylaitsines, #bbg tags a lot on Instagram, and I’m in two minds about it all. I think I’m way too early in the piece to keep looking at photos of incredible transformations, because if I don’t see the kinds of changes I see on other women, I think I’ll begin to feel a little unmotivated. So I’ve decided I’m not going to look at those tags until my first 4 weeks are over. I know it might seem a little strange, because after all, those photos should inspire me, and to a big extent they do. Seeing amazing, confident, strong, healthy women of all sizes should inspire us all! It’s just hard for me not to compare my progress to theirs, so for now, I’m going to focus on my own journey because my body is the only thing I have any control of.

If you’re doing Kayla’s BBG Round 1 or 2 as well, I’d love to hear from you! Best of luck to you if you are – remember that as long as you keep taking steps, you are moving forward.



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