Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 2, Day 1


Wow. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I thought I’d do a little recap of the week.

I managed to do 6 workouts over the last week, which is in line with the recommendation in the guide. The 7th day was a rest day, but I ended up doing a fair bit of exercise, as we were helping friends move house. Despite how hard the workouts are, I didn’t feel too sore. The worst ‘pain’ was after my first workout, and I made sure to stretch and warm down a lot more for my following workouts.

I’m onto Week 2 today, and will be doing another resistance training circuit tonight. I’ll need to buy some heavier dumbells soon I think, in order to ensure I keep challenging myself and work harer.

My eating has been going pretty well, though I wasn’t as happy with my eating over the weekend. For me, Friday night and the weekend is definitely the hardest days to control. We spent basically the whole weekend helping our friends move, so time that I normally would’ve spent preparing meals, and making healthy snacks was spent out of the house. I did my best to eat as healthy as I could, but I’ve come to realise this is a journey and not a race.

There is no way you can / should deny yourself treats all the time. I’ve come to realise I shouldn’t deny myself treats alll the time, because I might end up binge eating. So when we popped a bottle of champagne to toast our best friends moving into their new house – I dam well enjoyed that glass!

Looking forward to Week 2 and everything that is ahead for me in the next 11 weeks

Erin x


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