Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 3, Day 2 + PRO Tip

Make sure you always start your timer!

For a laugh, I’ll share what happened during my resistance workout last night. It was leg and cardio day, and I was on my final repetition of Circuit B. I use the timer on my phone to track my 7 min circuits, and then quickly switch back to my eBook with Kayla’s guide so I have easy access to the next circuits / number of repetitions.

I’m usually really careful at ensuring my timer has started, because let’s face it, 7 minutes is pretty darn hard when you’re working your butt off. Last night, during my last repetition, I didn’t start my timer. So I was working my legs off, thinking to myself, ‘Why does this circuit feel so long?!’

I figured I was just getting tired because it was my last repetition, so I got through x2) of the circuit before I stopped and checked my timer to see how long was left – I felt like my lungs were actually on fire at this stage haha!

That’s when I realised my 7 minute timer hadn’t actually started. In that moment, all I felt was despair, because of how very sore my legs were. I immediately texted 2 of my girlfriends who are doing also completing BBG, and complained to them because I felt like life was so unfair in that moment (drama queen or what?!).

I have no idea how long I overran the 7 minutes by, because as it is, even if my timer finishes whilst I’m halfway through one of the exercises, I always push myself to finish the extra reps.

I’ll definitely be making sure my timer is actually on before starting my circuits in future, and I really suggest you do the same! :)

As you can imagine, my legs are well sore today – but I can now see the hilarity in the whole situation hehehe!!




4 thoughts on “Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 3, Day 2 + PRO Tip

  1. Haha, this happened to me before but hey, you took extra time to do it and it’s the extra work that counts! It’s probably best to have the guide printed out so you do not need to switch in between the time & ebook on your phone. Keep it up gurl!


    • I really should get it printed, but it’s pretty pricey to do so .. I think for the mean time I’ll keep the e-book, and use something use to time my sets.

      I don’t feel so silly knowing that someone has done the same thing as me before haha! You’re right though, the extra work is what will pay off! :)

      Erin x


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