Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 3, Day 5

I’ve had a very blah week; change of schedule and lots of ups and downs (but more downs) at work. Based on my normal schedule, I would’ve completed x3) resistance training, and x1) LISS training by now.

As it stands so far, I’ve completed x1) resistance training, and x2) LISS trainings. I had last night off, because I got home from work so late, and it was dark, rainy and stormy.

Usually I’d tell myself to get it together and train anyway, but last night I knew that if I did that, I wouldn’t be totally committed.

Instead, I’m doing a resistance training tonight (abs & arms), LISS tomorrow, and resistance training on Sunday. This will still mean I haven’t missed a training, and that I will have still worked out 6/7 days, but last night it just wasn’t sitting well with me because I felt like I slacked off.

I’m pretty terrible at not overdoing it – my dad has always said to me that I don’t take my foot off the pedal soon enough. I’ve been known to train whilst sick, keep working whilst sick, and generally try and keep up with my everyday lifestyle whilst sick. So for me, it’s not surprise I feel this way.

I’ve come to learn that we need to listen to our bodies. Last night, my body and my mind were telling me I needed a rest. If I had’ve pushed myself and trained anyway, I wouldn’t have given it 100%, which would’ve frustrated me more. Instead I took the time and spent it in my sewing room, working on 2 of my orders.

Hope all your BBG girls are going well! xx



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