Geometric Baby Quilt

A craft post rather than a fitness post, to keep it real for anyone who wants some craft action! :)

Here’s a progress pic of my latest commission – a very personal and customised baby quilt. My client requested a quilt that their nephew could grow into – something small enough for a baby right now, and something big enough for him to snuggle into in the future.


Geometric Baby Quilt Top – Pieced & Pressed

My client loved geometric quilts, so we stuck with that theme, and I kept the colours to a minimum to create a more ‘mature’ look.

I’m currently working on the back, which will be comprised of a full name, and appliqued airplanes. I’ve completed one of the airplanes so far. I added in some decorative stitches to the body to try and give it a ‘moving’ effect – not sure it worked but I liked it all the same.

Applique Airplane

Applique Airplane



11 thoughts on “Geometric Baby Quilt

    • Hi Shelly – thanks so much! I really do love HSTs .. They are such an easy base to create amazing patterns with. And thank you – I really love the primary combination of colours, I think it makes them all really pop :)

      Erin x


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