Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 5, Day 1 + Progress Photos

Not gonna lie guys, it’s been  a hellish week.

Turns out I came down with that cold I was trying to avoid, but then also got vertigo on top of that! I’ve never had vertigo before, and for those you who haven’t experienced it, it is awful.

Room spinning, headachey, nauseous, awfulness. I came down with vertigo on Friday, and took the day off work as I was huddled in our bathroom vomiting, until I could make an appointment with the doctor.

Despite all this, I still did my 3 resistance training (yes, I am PROUD!) I did one on Monday, Thursday and Sunday. They may not have been up to my usual standard, but I did them nonetheless, and that took a LOT of strength and determination given how I was feeling.

I’ll admit I did miss x2) LISS sessions, but that happens when you’re sick. I’m rolling with the punches, and am going to continue my schedule as is – so I’m onto Week 5!!

I took my Week 4 progress photos this morning, and I can’t see much of a difference if I’m honest. Since this is primarily a craft blog, I’m not gonna post be de-robed photos for you here. If you wanna see them, I’ll be posting them to instagram when I build up enough courage.

In the mean time, my measurements are as below (in centimeters);

Week 1

  • Waist = 65
  • Hips = 88
  • Bust = 85
  • Right upper thigh = 58
  • Left lower thigh = 50
  • Left bicep = 28.5

Week 4

  • Waist = 65
  • Hips = 85.5
  • Bust = 82.5
  • Right upper thigh = 56.5
  • Left lower thigh = 48
  • Left bicep = 28.5

I’m hoping I didn’t make a mistake whilst taking my measurements, because there’s a lot of drops there – 8.5cms in total!! Is that normal? I’ve never taken my measurements before, so I can’t tell … Let me know if you think my measuring skills are completely off!


Starting Week 5 and I’ve doubled my weights; I am definitely going to feel it tomorrow!

Good luck ladies xx



12 thoughts on “Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 5, Day 1 + Progress Photos

  1. I just did the first day of Week 5 today as well and it was so difficult, but I can still feel my legs! Congrats for doubling the weights, I haven’t done that! As for the results, I can’t see a big difference either, but there is a difference! My abs look better, my legs as well and I can go lower than before when doing push ups! All this for telling you that I guess we will see a difference after 2 or 3 months, now we are just getting used to working out and sweating, so keep it going!


    • Oh maaan, I did legs last night too and wowweeee!! I definitely felt those heavier weights – my legs were shaking so bad by the end haha!

      That is awesome progress, especially on your push ups! I think this is the biggest thing we underestimate; change doesn’t always have to be physical. We are already mentally stronger and more determined, and I think that change is to be celebrated as much as any physical change.

      Keep it going girl, you’re doing great!

      Erin x


  2. Good for you! If I got vertigo I would use it as an excuse to crawl up in bed and order pizza!

    You are awesome! Also, as someone who has seen your progress photos, I can definitely see a difference!


  3. Great job & so sorry to hear about your cold and vertigo! Your hard work is paying off :) Looking forward to reading more about your journey! p.s. those pancakes look amazingggg!


    • Thanks Briana! I’m so appreciative of your kind words xx

      Those pancakes were truly delish; oats, bananas, eggs and a few nuts – healthy pancakes! If you want the recipe just let me know and I’ll grab it off my husband .. He was the pancake whiz this time round :)

      Erin xx


        • 2 cups oats, 1 1/4 cup almond milk (or any kind), 1 ripe banana, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder.

          Blend all ingredients except egg in food processor. Add egg and mix a few times until eggs is fully incorporated. Add handful of frozen berries of your choice and gently mix in. Then cook like your usual pancakes! :)

          We added some sunflower seeds and linseeds in the original mixture to add some more fibre in.

          Hope you enjoy! xx


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