Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 5, Day 3

If you’re interested in my progress photos, they’re available here – please be nice though, I’ve never posted photos like this before, and it’s really daunting to so. However, I’m accountable for this whole 12 weeks, and although I don’t see much progress, it’s important that I share my progress anyway.

I completed LISS last night on the treadmill, doing hill training again. I burnt ~320 calories in just over 30 minutes – amazing!! I wasn’t even out of breath. I keep a power walking pace (speed 6.4), and the hill training ranges the incline; beginning at 2.0 and at 8.0 during the highest peak.

I really love doing hill training on the treadmill for my LISS – I put my headphones in and just zone out!

Tonight is Week 5 abs and arms. After stepping up my weight for Week 5 legs, I’m a little scared for tonight, but looking forward to smashing out my workout!

I wanted to share this quote because it’s something we all need to remember; our bodies are all different and special, so we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. I know it’s hard, because it’s human nature to compare ourselves to one another, and as women, it’s something that’s ingrained in us from a very young age from various media types.

There’s a new revolution of women though; women who support and encourage each other despite their differences. These are the type of women that I want to surround myself with – my journey is completely different to yours, and will be at a different rate, and that is okay! If anything, it is to be celebrated! So if you’re starting BBG, or you’re half way through, or you’re 56 weeks in like some of the amazing women I’ve read about, please remember that slow progress really is better than no progress!



6 thoughts on “Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 5, Day 3

  1. Thank you for this! Definitely needed that reminder that slow progress is progress. I’m on week 2 and man I feel I’m lacking some days. Guess we can just keep on and remind ourselves there is always tomorrow to try again :)

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    • That’s it – keep on keeping on and know that every little step counts! We all have those unmotivated days so you’re definitely not alone there. I think strength is pushing through the lack of motivation, and kicking butt anyway! You got this girl x


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