Update – Geometric Baby Quilt

I’m so close to finishing this commission; it’s been a mammoth task as there’s quite a few elements to this quilt, but I’m on the home stretch now and wanted to share its’ progress. The front is a geometric pattern in primary colours – you can see it here!

Geometric Quilt Back

Geometric Quilt Back

The airplane applique is all done, and so is the applique for the back!

It was hard work to applique Jett’s full name onto the back of this quilt, due to the size of the back. At first I was going to colour block the white letters onto a red rectangle, but I thought it would have a better contrast against the dark navy backing.

I’ll be finishing off the binding tonight, and then this commission is ALL DONE! I can’t tell you how happy I’ll be when my client has her order; she has been super excited which had made me very excited, but has also made me feel a teeny tiny amount of pressure though.

I’ll be sure to post a photo when this commission is all done – enjoy your own crafting adventures! x


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