Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 6, Day 5 + Step Ups & Knee Ups

Week 6 has definitely kicked up a notch in the intensity department – each of Kayla’s resistance training this week have left me sore, super sweaty, and shaking from the intensity – I LOVE IT!

After seeing some amazing BBG girl’s post their workout videos on Insta, I’ve realised I’ve been doing knee ups and steps up wrong this whole time!

Kayla does explain how to do them in the guides, but I must have read the wrong – I’ve been alternating sides for the total amount of reps, rather than the correct method of doing all the reps on one side, and switching to the next.

For example; if your circuit has x30) knee ups (15 each side), do ALL of your left side before swapping to your right. I did them the correct way during my final resistance workout for Week 6, which was legs and cardio, and my legs hurt SO bad haha!

I’m glad I’ve finally figured out the correct way to do them; I can see why Kayla instructs them this way, instead of alternating.

Even though I’ve been doing it wrong the last 6 weeks, I know it was still of benefit – I’ll just do them the right way from now on! My watch below shows my warm up and cool down time; ~300 calories in 28 minutes is alright by me! ;)




12 thoughts on “Kayla Itsines // BBG Week 6, Day 5 + Step Ups & Knee Ups

    • Phew – I thought I was the only one! Oh wow, you are super strong .. I noticed a huge change when I did all rep on one, and then swapped to the right. I’m not sure if that’s because it was my leg resistance, or if it’s because I have chicken legs hehe! :)

      Hope your BBG journey is going well! x


      • I guess you do get tired more easily when you do not alternate, but I find it too stressing for my legs sometimes, which is why I prefer to alternate. I’m very sure your resistance has been building up slowly, so it will be much easier in time. I’m redoing week 5 on Monday because I have been on holiday and I haven’t had the time do commit to BBG. You’re doing great, so keep it up!

        p/s: BTW do you have a Insta profile for IG? Would like to connect there as well, look for me, I’m @fitinmalaysia


        • Yep it was definitely challenging when I did it last night – I think I’m going to work one side and then the other when I’m able to push myself, and alternate if I’m finding it too hard.

          Funny you should say that – I thought you’d been a little quiet. Hope you had a lovely holiday :)

          Yep – @crosstitchery – I’ll find you x


  1. Ahh thats so awesome! I love how the workouts burn so many calories in such a short period of time but it also kicks your metabolism into high gear for the rest of the day ;) Too funny about the step ups and knee ups but glad it made it more challenging!


    • Oh it’s definitely made it more challenging haha! I wish I had time to do my workouts in the morning .. I start work too early to be able to complete them, and not be a sweaty mess for work haha – I always have to do my workouts in the afternoon!

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